Sugar High Muses, Part 3

Part Three. *Looks to her sister* Are you sure this was such a good idea?

*Shrugs* It gives us something to do, doesn’t it?

It was a cold night. Well, it would have to be if you were in an air-conditioned lab wearing only a black catsuit with a utility belt around your waist. This job was not one of her most challenging ones, but it was definately the coldest. She made a mental note to remind herself not to take on these jobs anymore. A smile formed on her face as she imagined her sister’s reaction.

The problem with all these high tech security rooms was that they were rigged to detect any changes in the temperature and chi changes. They had relied mainly on the outer security measures to keep corporate thieves like her out. Of course, there are always backdoors and for someone like her, speed was not a problem. The best way to beat this system was to keep moving, and she moved very quickly and very efficiently.

She found the terminal she was looking for and was about to insert the makeshift PDA/Thumbdrive/Thingmajig that one of the Tech girls had created when the alarm blared.

And then stopped abruptly.

Then it blared again.

And repeated the process two more times.

By now, the girl was packing up and leaving the room. Someone was tampering with the alarm deliberately, giving her a warning. Taking a quick look at the watch-like scanner, she could see no one near her, which meant that she could not have tripped the alarm. With a quiet sigh at the terminal, she left the room. The forfeit had been minor, but the girls played with the alarm only when it was urgent, and for someone like her, this was supposed to have top priority.

Even when the guards checked the room later, they found no signs of tampering. The room was unusually chilly though.


“This had better be good,” the brunette said as she walked into the debriefing room, looking distinctly annoyed. An old woman sat alone at the table.

“Rikan Alexis…” they only used her first name and title when they wanted to be ‘serious’ so to speak, “We have a male,” she used the term in a derogatory tone, “visitor for you in the Rubikon Home. The man claims to be Lady Kaede’s brother. He gave his name as…” the brunette cut the old woman off.

“Kristanto Kaeda.” The old woman nodded as the brunette acknowledged the seevrity of the man’s offence, or so she thought.

“That man is to be given every care for his wounds. He may enjoy the priviledges we accord the Male Alin’sa, but none of the rights. Tell him I’ll be there as soon as I can,” she turned to leave without waiting for the old woman.

“Wait! Are you saying that you’re going to allow a man stay in the Rubikon?”

The brunette turned to look at her with a steely eye. She did not like having her orders questioned, especially by the Matronic Council. Her voice was cold, her chin was raised, and she held herself in a haughty manner that she knew irritated and intimidated the Council, even if there was only one of them that she had to deal with right now.

“Yes. If you do not accord him the proper respect, Celeste will have your soul, but the process will not be pleasant. Do you understand me?”

“I… I hear and I obey.” The old woman bowed her head.

“Repeat my orders then.” She refused to let the woman go so easily.

“To offer assistance as needed, and to accord him the priviledges of the Male Alin’sa without the rights.”

“Good,” as she turned, and because it was ingrained in her, she paused at the door and said, “Thank you, Matron Ilse.”

The woman was stunned by the Rikan’s manners.