Between these two

While talking to one of my friends the other day, he pointed out that it was sad that most people fall in love not with their partner, but rather with their partner’s qualities. Think about it. When people question us as to why we love someone, they always ask us why we love them and what makes them so special. It’s hard to explain (if you’re lucky) that we love them because they’re them, and that there’s no real reason or mystery behind it.

Children love because they love. *Sighs* Wish we could return to that.

2 thoughts on “Between these two”

  1. Hmm…very thought provoking as well. I guess when you love, you just love. No reasons needed. Ah..the innocence of children.

  2. Tis impossible, m’dear.

    Especially for the paranoid..

    And then again when you love for the sake of love it may not be a good thing. It may drive ya insane.
    ::flashes a smile @ her::

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