Chapter 1

You know, with all the time she spent writing this, she really shouldn’t complain about not having time for the Sims. 

Maybe we should just make sure that she should stop role-playing altogether. 

*Both laugh* *Muttergrumblesulk*

The two young girls laughed as they walked to school together. One wore the darker and shorter summer uniform of a senior high school student, while the other wore the less constricting and brighter version for junior high. They walked happily, hand in hand, much to the annoyance of their elder brother sulking behind them. He was a university student, the oldest of the three.

They were walking through one of the smaller street lanes when they heard a pitiful mew. It was not the mew of a cat though, but a baby. Startled and concerned, the youngest bent over the bag tossed on the garbage can carelessly. A sixth sense warned the boy, and he shouted for her to leave the bag alone, but the bag exploded.

With a cry, the youngest raised her hands to shield her eyes, but her elder sister was moving faster. She pulled her back, and turned, shielding her with her body. The shards of glass pierced her back, some embedding themselves too deeply to be dislodged easily. One pierced her heart.

She toppled forward, to be caught by the sister she was protecting. As the girl screamed her sister’s name, an arrow shot out and went straight through the younger girl’s throat. Her scream died. Tiny blood drops from her wound splattered onto her brother’s shocked face as he could only watch.

Their lifeless bodies fell to the ground, and he could do nothing but watch. Taking a step, he knelt down next to the body of his youngest sister, cursing the Gods who had given him this fate. Closing his eyes to stop the tears, he reached out to his sisters…


And opened them to find himself sitting in bed, drenched in cold sweat. A whimper next to him told him that he was not alone, and he turned to look at the woman sleeping next to him peacefully. For a moment he stared at her, wondering how she got into his bed, and then he remembered that he had picked her up in a club.

He missed the small glowing tattoo in the small of her back as she turned over him and slept, not seeming to awaken at all. Getting out of the bed, he staggered the few steps needed to reach the bathroom. He did not even bother to close the door and retched noisily over the sink before washing his face.

The girl opened her eyes when she heard the sound and smiled. The small tattoo faded.