Of insane conversation relating to spiders

At the comic fiesta channel, Aiko squashed a spider. Before that, she put a tulip in a flowerpot with a dead man’s spirit in it. This is what happens:

[20:00] shun|as|aikoDRINK: hi mister squashed spider
[20:00] aiko|SHUNishTASTY: ….
[20:00] shun|as|aikoDRINK: lol
[20:00] aiko|SHUNishTASTY: is spider alive?
[20:00] aiko|SHUNishTASTY: LOL
[20:00] *** You are now known as mistersquashedspider.
[20:00] shun|as|aikoDRINK: ne naoko how do u look like
[20:00] mistersquashedspider: **in spider** Hello
[20:00] mistersquashedspider: what happened to you, human?
[20:00] aiko|SHUNishTASTY: LOL!
[20:00] mistersquashedspider: ((*takes a bow*))
[20:00] aiko|SHUNishTASTY: wait…there is a tulip in the pot right?
[20:01] shun|as|aikoDRINK: yes
[20:01] mistersquashedspider: ((yeah hor…))
[20:01] mistersquashedspider: shun: ask Dusty
[20:01] *** aiko|SHUNishTASTY is now known as tulip.
[20:01] tulip: hello dear fertelizers
[20:01] mistersquashedspider: ((*so very ded of laughter*))
[20:01] shun|as|aikoDRINK: lol
[20:01] mistersquashedspider: hello tulip

2 thoughts on “Of insane conversation relating to spiders”

  1. Aww man! I love the cute lil critters..

    Want to keep a sexy one myself one day, name her Echidna or something..;)

    I’m not sure whether to be shocked or amused that I should get the connection. Why not Anansi? ^_^

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