2005 in review

I should be sleeping, but I thought I should do this before the first six hours of 2006 has passed.

Only when the year is completely gone can you take a step back and realise just what has happened.

So what has happened in the year 2005 that impacted me?

In January:

– I quit my job handed in my resignation for MPH. I needed to get ready for college.

In February:

– I joined Sages of Chaos.

– College Course Advising was done in 1.5 hours, a record.

– My grandfather passed away.

In March and April

… I honestly can’t remember. Oh wait! I was a Fangirl Instigator for Sages. It helped take my mind off some things.

In May

– I broke up with Nicholas. It was a traumatic time.

– I discovered what it meant to be a friend. Ti, you are welcome to hit me for all the times I was negative about you going to WS.

In June/July

– Internship was a torture. Several people found out that I was single again.

– It was at this time I started indulging in my sexuality heavily. No, I didn’t do anything stupid in RL or became too explicit online. Kyle, Jay, thank you for your support at this time.

In August

– Made several new friends, attempted to support myself by driving to colleg, ended up giving up on it.

– Started questioning myself seriously over school

– Began the dreaded FTV 121 OF DOOM!

– There’s someone that I don’t want to work with ever.

In September

– Look at August

– I finally made a choice as to who I wanted to be with.

– I made it to the blogger’s meet and discovered an unknown part of the Malaysian Bloggersphere.

In October

– I lost a friendship with a friend because of my own stupidity.

– I discovered that I cannot handle angstiness.

In November

– I went back to working for MPH. I needed the money badly.

– I severed ties with college to an extent. And started realising that I’ll have to be self-supporting next year.

– Failed Nano… again.

In December

– Burnt about 75% of my gaji Christmas shopping.

– Watched Narnia.

– Resolved a few issues.

– Went for Comic Fiesta.

– Joined the Channel and found it hilarious.

– Started to speak to someone again. Thank You, You know who You are.

Nite peeps.

EDITED: I’m glad to have met these people too: John Ling, Yvonne Fong, Peter Tan, Edrei, Leslie, Jayson, Allichaton, Anriko, Geoff, Shireen and if I’ve forgotten anyone, I beg apologies.

I’m glad to count these people as my friends: Lionel, Tiara, Adeliene, Vivian, Lin, Suraj, Kak Fazura, Barb, Yi Liang, Nick. Thank you all for making my life the potpurri that it is.

Love you all.

May we have a better 2006!


5 thoughts on “2005 in review”

  1. You were negative? I don’t remember you ever being negative about my trip. Heck, you were one of the most positive and supportive people I knew.

    You were a great friend too. Thank you for your lap when I was totally broken and depressed. Your silliness when I needed laughter. Your companionships when I was alone. Your support when I was standing by myself.

    Thank you.

  2. Tiara, I meant all those stupid things I said about demons and the like. I’m glad you were there for me too, to keep me grounded when I threatened to fly to high, to remind me of the better things in life, to help me when I was going to pieces. Thank you too.

    Kyle, thank you.

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