Okay, this is weird

According to the blog stats in the dashboard of WP, it seems that my blog gets a lot of visits from the following Google:





Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Can someone tell me why this is happening? I’m just really curious, that’s all.

9 thoughts on “Okay, this is weird”

  1. It’s because we all love you, Silly Pat! Those four countries are just the creepy stalkerish ones.

    On and alternate note, I just got your gift. *Suppresses a snicker*

    You’re EBIL.

  2. Gwah! I have not seen this saucy posting; they must be behind the passwords of DOOM! Woe!

    Hmm, maybe the password is DOOM…

  3. Oh, and woe, I know not what that is even after this!

    Man, that Pat. Cili padi much, lah!

    ((I have NO idea if I said that even remotely close to right.))

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