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Malaysians are very often saddened over the very non-existent quality of the public transportation system in Malaysia, paticularly in the Klang Valley. We have a lot of good services (Putra, Star, RapidKL, Monorail), but they are badly managed, or in some cases, just plain scary. I’m covering Star today, so please be patient with my opinions.


Star LRT, the first LRT to run in Malaysia, was the pioneer and it shows. They have some of the best routes in town, but according to the NST (local English daily) today, it’s running at under 66% capacity. Compare it to Putra, which is running exceeding it’s capacity by 40%. I’ll be suggesting ways in they can improve today.
3. Accessibility

Anyone who’s ever ridden on Star will tell you that they are anything but accessible. And this is just for the abled-bodied. Can you imagine what it would be like if it were someone like Peter to ride on it? It is simply atrocius. There are no elevators, both within and without the station (with the exception of certain stations) and toilets are next to non-existent. Even if they do exist, they are not disabled-friendly and even the staff doesn’t tell you where it is at times.

2. Stations

The stations are to put it, simply forbidding. It’s dark. Lonely. Scary. In one case, it can be the alleyway for criminals. The tracks are not really protected, if you think about it. I’ve heard of one case where a boy and his sister nearly got robbed at one of the end stations of Star by people coming out of the bushes near the tracks. This also shows that security and staff presence is lacking.


Staff presence, with the exception of the ticket counters, is horrible. There is no staff anywhere! Everytime I go into a Star LRT station (with the exception of the PWTC station) I feel scared. There seems to be no one around, especially if you go after the peak hours. This leads to the last sentence as mentioned above. Safety does not seem to be a priority for Star, and until they start addressing that factor, I would rather walk than take the Star if I know how to get there.

Any more, anyone? (I know a lot of ppl read this blog. TALK, DAMNIT!)

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