If I’m going to cosplay as Count D from Petshop of Horrors, here’s what I need:

  1. Ear-length straight hair, center parting
  2. One yellow, one green (?) contact
  3. Red lipstick
  4. Get manicured nails, or keep them long. They must be pointy.
  5. Elaborate, tradional Chinese shirt. Long-sleeved would be preferred, as I don’t think I have the muscle mass for the no-sleeve version.
  6. Pants, or skirts? Either way must be plain.

Hmm… what else, I wonder?

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  • ((fake accent)) Ahh…thes whyy I toll u..lif sum waitt!!

    hehe j/k
    How did it go?? And whats a cosplay..

  • Cosplay: Costume play. Where people dress up as their fave anime characters. ^_^

    It’s at the end of the year. ^_^