So I have a few:

– Find a job that pays at least RM1200 after deductions.

a) That way i can maintain Seraphine properly. Put at least RM100 each month into ASB.

b) So that I can afford to see a gynae regularly.

– Be more disciplined- eg: don’t get addicted to my addictions, wake up early, etc.

– Move out of home

– Travel

– In relation to the travel bits (this is the only one I’m going to try dear, so please feel free to resist)- Get Leo to like travelling. ^_^

Edit: Join in for the CF06 as Count D.

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  • YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME ?? a resolution is suppose to be for you self-centeredself …. it must not involve the people around you…NOOOO …..I WILL NOT LEARN TO LIKE TRAVELLING.

    STAY AWAY FROM ME…SPAWN of AikoxDeru !!!

  • The job thingy sounds ambitious, dear.

    Don’t let my attitude(or lack of) stop ya 😉

    Sleep before 10.30 or 11 pm, thats when the next dosha cycle begins. Try to wake by 5.30 or 6.30 am.
    Its a pain till u get used to it

    ..know from experience.