Forgotten words

It has often been said that the media is very powerful, but what is often forgotten is that the media can only tell people what to think about, and not so much what to think. However, they can veer the public to think what they want them to think, simply by suppressing information, inserting a few words here and there, and thinly disguising an opinion piece as news (two links in case one gets killed).

I actually have to agree with Usman Bawang and Lainie on this. I really have to wonder why anyone who has a mite sense in their head still reads the papers today. If you ever wanted to know about the power of the media, don’t look at the US. All you have to do is to look at Malaysia, and you can see how effective the media is in spreading information. Of course, all these lil bits are the ones our Government makes known. What about the ones that are not?

Without the information needed to make decisions, a lot of youths these day refuse to vote. Their refusal to vote says as much as them voting: We have no faith in the system. How can we trust a system where the same people always wins and whenever something bad happens, we’re blamed?

And the government wonders why there are less people voting. Excuse me, when you have 40 YEAR OLDS leading supposedly YOUTH organizations, you wonder why the youths refuse to even be registered as voters. (Ish a voter btw).


The following is a summarization of what happens when you have me rambling on my own opinions and picking Viceice‘s brain and adding some of Tiara‘s pieces.

Basically what’s happening is that we have all the overzealous, moralistic, narrow-minded?, no I think for a more politically uncorrect term uneducated, unmigitated, no, I mean misguided pathetic excuses for people in a supposedly multi-racial community fools running amok BECAUSE NO ONE IS THERE TO REIN THEM IN.


What happened to Badawi? Where is the man who would have stopped all this nonsense? Is he crippled by grief? I hope not. Because if he is, then someone else should take over. However, his deputy is that unmigitated idiot Najib. Yes, I have no faith in Najib.

You’re talking about a man who proposed that we send a man up into space, JUST SO WE CAN SAY THAT WE HAVE A MAN IN SPACE. A man who is responsible for the mental scarring of our brains that is PENDIDIKAN MORAL. A man who GAVE MONEY TO A WIDOW TO SHUT HER UP ABOUT HER HUSBAND’S FUNERAL. (Will expand on this later.)

I have no faith in Najib.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten words”

  1. ::grins:: well said, m’lady.

    people need time to grieve. considering whats happened, hes taking it pretty well.

    now, if only you could summon those legions from that other dimension..whatcamacallit?? reality bites.

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