Out of context?

Or just out of mind? I was reading an abang of mine’s post (Look in my blogroll if you need to figure out who he is) about a certain lady who pissed him off. Now, I went back and looked at the post that started it, and my mind goes: WTF?

You see, the person had begin sarcasm mode “noticed” end sarcasm mode that people didn’t like the ads they saw on the site. Now, my abang had posted that he didn’t like aggresive ads, which if you think about it, seems pretty harmless, right?


Apparently the person took my abang to mean that he didn’t like the template it was on and that he was afraid of a small blogger beating the bigger ones like him. Just because the name of the theme had something to do with professionalism doesn’t mean it is. All he mentioned was that he didn’t like aggresive ads.

I was shocked, and then I realised (after reading and digging a little bit into the blogs, and their users and friends) just where they came from.

These people do not like XiaXue. The fact that they actually did something about it, commendable. *Shrugs* Neither do I, but it gives you an idea of their mentality. For some reason, in my mind, they’re from the same kind of people.


4 thoughts on “Out of context?”

  1. You mean the “blog” that was going to “expose” XiaXue but instead peppered the whole post with pop-up ads, nearly crashing my browser?


  2. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?

    But commendable as in they got off their butts and did *something* about it. Whether that thing was good or bad is another matter entirely.

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