I apologize for the quality. Camphone. There’s not a lot of pics, but I hope you enjoy them! Ja!


Me in the car, taking a gratuitios shot. :p


This is me wearing robe waiting in line. Don’t let it fool you, it was hot in those robes!!!


This is Sal trying to get her hat on right. Not easy when you’re wearing a headscarf.

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This is us after the tidying up. ^_^

Shermaine Group.jpg

Shermaine and gang.

Effa, Dion, His Gf, and Friend 2.jpg

Effa, Dion, his Gf and friend. ^_^

Carol and Friend.jpg

Carol and friend. ^_^

Veni and Kristal.jpg

Veni and Kristal, who both won awards. CONGRATS!

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Huai Lin with the others not quite ready to pose. ^_^

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Marie, Carol, Muni and Ami. ^_^

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Joanie and Tai Ka Che.

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Ami, Mun, Sal and Me. ^^


9 thoughts on “Piccies!!!”

  1. livingitgayinmalaysia


    Serge’s right ya know! Time to get a job…la,la,la… 🙂

    I’ll sniff around and see if there any more job openings available in journalism and the media scene. You could always try out as a stringer first for The Star or the NST. Call up their HR dept and inquire. Don’t sleep around waiting for a job to be handed to you on a breakfast-in-bed platter. 😀 *ducks!*

  2. livingitgayinmalaysia

    BTW, the last sentence is a little snide reference to You-Know-Who! *wide innocent cat-like grin*

  3. hey! wheres dis breakfast’e-in-bed’a-platter’a?

    yu did bring along complete arms & equipment hidden in the robe, r8? Check. 😉

  4. Mm, very nice! Go you, Pat!

    Oh, and I’m not going to be on LJ or IMs until the end of March, save for maybe three, four days.

    Just a heads-up!

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