First off: GONG XI FATT CHAI to everyone who’s celebrating it. Including the angpao hunters (aren’t we all one, those in the know? :p)

For those who don’t know, angpao is money given in red packets during the Lunar New Year, supposedly to ward off bad luck. Furthermore, there is money in those packets, and lemme tell you, a lot of kids can make a killing in those red packets for a whole year, especially if they have no other income. It’s one of the events that makes a kid happy for CNY, though as you grow older, a lot of people begin to appreciate the most important part of New Year.

The reunion dinner.

Every CNY eve, people would leave for their hometowns in a stampede, ala the Hari Raya Balik Kampung Rush (aka the Malay Raya Hometown Rush). The city would be half-deserted, as they run home for the CNY Reunion dinner. It’s the last dinner of the year, and the whole family gathers together for it. Young, old, from near and far, all would make the effort to return home, though there are many who often can’t.

It’s an excuse, in a way, to pig out, but at the same time, it’s also a time to gather together, learn who was doing what, and having a good time. Only open to immediate family members only, which makes it smaller and more… intimate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see if we still have some pineapple tarts.



2 thoughts on “CNY POST”

  1. oh please git married fazt, so you can demonstrate yer waaay cool and loving generosity to yer more-than-deservin’ freeloader-pals!!!

    ::bats eyes @ her::

    Happy Chinese New Year!!

  2. livingitgayinmalaysia

    Hi, arigota gozaimas for the wish!

    Reunion dinner? Pah! Bah! Gah! Kah!

    Since my dad’s passing, CNY this year is a pretty much quiet affair since some of my brainless relatives think we are woe bringers upon them if we so much as call and appear at their doorstep. Yeah, not so much of a phone call too! Usually every 1st day of the CNY morning, our home will be innudated with phone calls from everyone near and far. Today… not even a pip from anyone except my aunt on my mom’s side…who called twice, bless her. 😀

    So much for family, huh?

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