Three memes for one!

Taken from my beloved’s LJ, though for some reason it’s Friend’s-only.

Name five of life’s simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used.

  1. Reading a good book in bed, with something warm to drink
  2. Curling up with a blankie and sitting at the door/window while it rains outside
  3. Laughing with friends over an inside joke
  4. Singing/dancing in the privacy of your own room, lost in thoughts
  5. Curling up with my baby

Yes, I realise to an extent that most of these are cliche, but they are true. I tag….

Tiara, Sol Invictus, Philip, P (two Ps in a row!) Nick and Kyle.

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5 thoughts on “Three memes for one!”

  1. Five of life’s simple pleasures, eh? Ah… I simply have too many to organise them all into the top five. But, if I must then I’ll say it’s:

    1. Awakened by the soothing warm rays of the morning sun… it’s so pleasurable and so therapeutic.

    2. To be lost in your own private world while in the privacy of your bathtub (sadly, I no longer have such pleasure since there isn’t one in my condo. Next best thing’s the cold jacuzzi down by the pool!)

    3. Enjoying the din and chatter of friends, who makes accepts me for who I am and cares for me – there’s no greater pleasure than the feeling of being accepted and loved.

    4. It’s certainly a great pleasure for me to be able to eat and never gain weight but yet maintain quite a well-built figure!

    5. Being able to enjoy a hot cuppa when it rains and as I sat and stare out the window, watching millions of little water droplets crashing down to Earth… lost in my own world (that’s the 2nd ‘lost in my own world’! I do get lost easily, don’t I?)

    So… Naoko… *puts on whiny voice* whenareyougonnaaddmetoyourblogroll? *pouts* 😀

  2. 1. Getting a nice personal email from someone I care about.

    2. Talking to someone I care about, whether on IM or phone or face-to-face.

    3. Hugs and cuddles.

    4. Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

    5. A nice surprising discovery.

  3. ACK! I have been tagged!

    Very well, I’ll see what I can do, but honestly, the originality might be an issue; we just about all seem to have a similar notion on one of them.


    KYLES TOP 5!

    5)That exultant feeling I get when I come up with a Really Cunning Plan. It’s like I’m high off of 5 simultaneous kilos of uncut GENIUS!

    4)A secretive glee when I finally get something done perfectly, manage to execute a difficult and much-worked-at action or technique exactly how it should be to where it should be an example for future generations to learn from.

    3)Saucy banter with one or more of my friends, tossing concepts back and forth like it were a game of volleyball. Relaxed and fun, and more than a little silly. Though tied with this are two aspects of the same thing; being inside and comfy while there’s foul weather out, and being able to go out into that foul weather for short periods of time, just to feel the raw power of the elements, pitting your will against a vicious Mother Nature to reach your goal… and then getting to go back inside when you want to.

    2)My mother’s cooking. My mother’s cooking beats out the cooking of EVERYONE ELSE’S MOTHER’S COOKING COMBINED, even HER mother’s! “Made by Kyle’s MOm” is the ultimate trump card of tastiness.



    1)That special time at the tag end of a good night’s sleep, where you’re awake enough to still know you’re dreaming. Has anyone else ever been in that special spot? You’re all warm and comfy and cozy, your mind is blissed out, and concepts just freewheel their way through your brain, any one of which could set you up for life if you could just hold onto it… but reaching out tears the whole gossamer structure, so you just kick back and enjoy watching them flit past, unearthly vivid colors and ethereal structures that human mouth or eye cannot render in a dull world.

    If life were as the tag end of dreams, this world wouldn’t be so disappointing to live in.

  4. I..watching the sunrise and colors begin to form on evrything the light touches.

    II..seeing the joy in someone’s face when they are feeling happy.

    III..the feeling of hunger before digging into a satiating meal.

    IV..trailing mine fingers over grooves in wood, grass, sand and water.

    V..the pain in mine fingers as they keep grip on iron weights.

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