Testing, testing

Now let’s see whether or not I get indigestion from making my own pasta, adding liberal amounts of water to the Prego sauce and forgoing the cheese completely.

OMG! I forgot to wash the plates! Be right back! XDXD

Edit: It’s now 7.17pm. I’m still alright. Eating the same thing for dinner. Woot!

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  • Ahh yes the insane-O san. Oh brother you cooked and survived? Say! We should celebrate! Yes yes I am here and yes yes Phillip!!! it’s..it’s..well not really his fault but he sort of influenced me to. Yeup. POKE!!!

  • Ouch! Be nice woman! And yes, I know who you are. ^_^

  • Lord Zhilbar

    *Randomly tickles*

    Haha for experimentally successful cooking!

  • Lord Zhilbar

    Also, has ‘the package’ arrived yet?

    *Shifty-suspicious look*

  • Watery pasta sauce? Minus the cheese! You need your head examined, woman!! How could you forego cheese!??

    LOL, nevertheless, you deserve a pat on the back for a successful cooking adventure in the kitchen!! Join the club!!

  • Btw, prego sauces are THE best of the lot in the market, no? I just absolutely love ANYTHING from Prego.

  • give a man a bread and he shall eat bread, give a man condiments and he will appreciate the variety of tastes that you have offered him.-


    No I love cheese!!!!! HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…oh hello Pat.