Kapas PT2

Part two!

So after the discovery of “NO HOT WATER” we decided to have dinner (by the time we reached the island it was quite late) and have a bath. Dad and bro set up the rods, and we left quite late that night to do some fishing. I followed, but not without trepidation. The first time I caught a fish, I had accidentally hooked it up by it’s gills, and it was not a pretty sight. Since then I’ve been relunctant to fish.

So I don’t know what it was that made me take a line and start fishing. There was a certain relief and fun in it as I casted the line and pulled it back. After a few tries, I started casting as though I was in Tokairin’s kendo class (one step forward, hands raised above head, and… CAST!). I rarely caught anything, but it felt good letting it run and then pulling the line in…

The wind on my face was also another factor. It was immensely refreshing, despite the many people at the jetty, and moving from one corner to the other supposedly to fish. I had a few bites here and there, but I was never fast enough to catch them. Still… it was a good night, though mom and I decided to retire for the night and go to sleep. The next day we were supposed to go round island and snorkelling.

I was awakened the next day by the COLD. The aircond was so cold, that when I woke up, my mouth was dry. I promptly switched off the aircond, only to find out later that the air cond will not switch itself back on till 3 in the afternoon. In any case, we then went out to breakfast, and it was a poor one. The food was… bad, to put it kindly. In any case though, my bro and I, who got free breakfast, then headed back to our room and changed to go snorkelling and round island.

We then left the room to go to this small hut of sorts where we got our lifejackets, flippers and snorkelling equipment. Once we had that, we were off to the boat. The boat however, had problems suddenly, and so we had to wait for a little bit before a replacement boat came over. The wait was entertaining though.

The water was beautiful!!! It was so clear, I could see part of the bottom, even before we reached the spot. We immediately put on the flippers that had been provided to us, and for me, proceeded to waddle to the water’s edge. I kid you not. With those flippers, I felt like a penguin. So once the water was up to my knees, I squatted, and then threw myself forward. Yes, it was clumsy, but once you looked under the water… What a sight it was!

For those who’ve watched documentaries, you know that heavy breathing you hear when these people are underwater? It really does happen. Anyways, watch out for the fishes. They’re small, cute, and some nip at you. If you’re wearing a lifejacket like I was, watch out for the strings too. There was a time when I thought the fishies were nibbling at me and it turned out to be the string instead. -_-”

Then we went around the island.

I’ve been writing this for about a week and a half now, so I’ll sum it up by simply saying this. That night, I caught a fish for ths first time in my life, we went home, got caught in heavy traffic, and I realised just how much I miss my bed and hot water. Nite! ^_^