Interesting conversations

I really should learn to play with Word more, it was giving me probs formatting this.

{aiko} its bidding time

{aiko} starting from….rm1?

{Kyme} what is mizuage?

{RukaPYON|Onini} aiko} i make it rm5

{Onigiri} …

{aiko} anyone for rm2 for heal’s mizuage????!!

{deru} XDXD

{NaokoWriting} Kyme: Virginty

{aiko} ooo

{aiko} rm5

{Onigiri} heal got seaweed ?

{aiko} anyone more than rm5???

{NaokoWriting} RM10

{deru} LOL!

{NaokoWriting} XXD

{Heal} …

{Heal} omg

{aiko} rm10 for nao!

{aiko} anyone for more than rm10?

{Iluna} rofl RM10

{NaokoWriting} XDXD

{Onigiri} RM15

{RukaPYON|Onini} 15

{karasu} lol

{aiko} rm15 people?

{Kyme} …..*swtd*

{deru} rofl

{aiko} w00t

{aiko} onigiri for rm15

{aiko} XDDD

{Onigiri} RM10k!!!

{aiko} anyone else?

{karasu} lol

{RukaPYON|Onini} 15k

{NaokoWriting} Wow… 10k at once

{deru} OO;;

{Iluna} 10,000 XD


{deru} fuyo!

{Onigiri} HEY

{aiko} frickin 15k

{karasu} 200k

{Onigiri} USD100K!!!

{aiko} anyone

{deru} 15 k rupiah ah?

{aiko} 200k@

{Iluna} WHOA!


{Onigiri} stop fighting with me >

{aiko} lets make this all rm la

* NaokoWriting holds on to Dusty: I want HIS mizuage *points to dusty*

{NaokoWriting} XDXD

{RukaPYON|Onini} 500k

{Iluna} Heal, you’re worth 500K!


{aiko} 500k

{aiko} WALIAO

{NaokoWriting} LOL

{aiko} ruka – 500k

{Onigiri} 1mil

{aiko} 1m!!

{karasu} 1.5!

{aiko} 1,5?!

{Onigiri} AGH

{RukaPYON|Onini} 1.6

{Kyme} wah

{aiko} anyone?

{Onigiri} 2!

{aiko} 1.6 – ruka!

{aiko} 2 – onini!

{DMJewelle} does dusty even STILL have his mizuage?

{karasu} 4

{RukaPYON|Onini} 2.05

{deru} Attention : Currency – rupiah.

{RukaPYON|Onini} 4.05

{aiko} 2.05 – ruka!

{deru} dm >> hahah!

{Onigiri} 5

{NaokoWriting} Dimmie: LOL


{aiko} why is ruka wanting heal’s mizuage?? @w@

{RukaPYON|Onini} 5.06

{Onigiri} …

* Kyme is not interested

{NaokoWriting} oO

{aiko} 5.06- ruka~

{Onigiri} 5.5

{RukaPYON|Onini} 5.65

{aiko} 5.5 – onini!!

* NaokoWriting gives popcorn out

{karasu} 5.55

{aiko} what the nyaa

{Iluna} umm

{deru} wait. heal’s mizuage gone liau, why are you guys still bidding?

{aiko} 5.65 – ruka~!

{Onigiri} …

{aiko} deru> he has summore @w@

{Onigiri} how you know it’s gone?

{aiko} LOOL

{Onigiri} >>

{Iluna} Apparently it’s still in Aiko’s hands

{Heal} I’m still a goddamned virgin

{Kyme} lololol

{aiko} well

{Heal} >>

{Onigiri} AHA

{aiko} ah

{RukaPYON|Onini} deru took it

{deru} XDXD

{aiko} more the better to bet

{aiko} XD

{aiko} i mean bid

{Iluna} ok

{Iluna} 35mil

{deru} heal’s my papa what.

{aiko} 5.65 – ruka

{aiko} 35MIL

{Onigiri} 6

{aiko} -iluna

{aiko} 35 mil iluna

{RukaPYON|Onini} 36.05m

{Iluna} you do the rest πŸ˜€

{aiko} 36.05MIL – ruka

{NaokoWriting} Wow…

{Onigiri} i’m so tired of bidding

{aiko} going once?

{aiko} going twice?

{karasu} lol heal u damn pricey


{Onigiri} TT

{deru} hahahahahahhahhaha!!!

{Onigiri} pyon can share with me?

{RukaPYON|Onini} yesh…..

{Iluna} Heal, you’re dead


{RukaPYON|Onini} anything with u mai hime

{deru} sold for 36.05 mil RUPIAH!!

{shun} heal is here meh

* Kyme falls over laughing

{kobato} how much is 36mil rupiah? oO

{shun} lets sell the DERU la

{shun} better


{Onigiri} kya

* Onigiri hugs pyon

{RukaPYON|Onini} heal is MINE tonight

{Iluna} ow


{Iluna} my stomach

{Onigiri} …

{Onigiri} MINE!

{Onigiri} >

{shun} ruka?


{shun} OMG

{RukaPYON|Onini} both of us ne?

{shun} u are GAY?

{kobato} @@;;;

{Renkun} LOL


{NaokoKensaku} oO

{RukaPYON|Onini} shun> im making heal into a great yaoi star

* deru dah sakit perut ketawa

{Onigiri} D:

{Heal} …

{Iluna} I salute, salute!

{Heal} only in USD pls

{Kyme} ohh

{Heal} and no, its not for sale

{Kyme} i wanna watch heal

{NaokoKensaku} oO

{NaokoKensaku} heal, you’ve already been sold


{aiko} bidding is fun

{aiko} need to type very fast

{aiko} LOOL

{deru} XD

{Kyme} oh my head

{RukaPYON|Onini} onini> wat u wan to do with heal u do la

{Iluna} {RukaPYON|Onini} now HEAL I COMMAND U TO POST {Heal} NO

{Iluna} Heal, you DID POST

{Heal} I’m gonna stop posting XP

* deru is very amused.

{Iluna} If I have Sysreset I would set this as my WB for heal

{Iluna} XD

{NaokoKensaku} Iluna, which one?

{Iluna} *+have

{NaokoKensaku} Heal’s Virginity has been sold for 36.5Rupiah, which translates to 14,796.594 MYR

{NaokoKensaku} 36.5Million

{rylands`} lol

{deru} LOL

{rylands`} nt bad

{Onigiri} XD

{rylands`} alot man

{rylands`} xD

{Iluna} Heal is SUPERBLY expansive

{Onigiri} ohoho

{RukaPYON|Onini} lol

{karasu} lol

{deru} he earned back his cost lor!

{DMJewelle} of what looks like heal in the same uniform as masa oo

{NaokoKensaku} oO

{Kitsune} ryl can send to me ah TT

{DMJewelle} i don’t know if it’s him tho

{Heal} DM: its the japanese school uniform

{deru} dm >> which uniform?

{rylands`} kit > go google la XD

{Iluna} It’s over, Heal

{Heal} beige coat right?

{DMJewelle} heal>> beige blazer with striped blue shirt

{Heal} DM: yep, that’s the japanese school festival

{DMJewelle} heal>> ah. has you in a rather uncommon pose

{Heal} Which one?

{Heal} I took a few pics there

{DMJewelle} heal>> yeah, with masa

{Iluna} I’m going to auction Dusty’s Mizuage!

{NaokoWriting} LOL

{Dustyhawk} THE HELL

{Gre|} oooh

{Kyme} wah.. so suddenly

{Iluna} dun dun dun

{Dustyhawk} MY MIZUAGE IS IS >>> IS >>>>

{Dustyhawk} PRICELESS

{Iluna} in a form of sphere ball


{Gre|} penetrated?

{NaokoWriting} XDXD

{Kyme} lol

{Iluna} Starting price, RM1

{NaokoWriting } RM1K

{Iluna} Naoko – 1K

{Kyme} lol

{Kyme} uh…. 1k

{Kyme} any other bids?

{Iluna} .

{Kyme} lol

* aiko dies

{Iluna} Any other bids?

{Heal} LOL

{Renkun} who’s one?

{DMJewelle} dusty’s seaweed is worthless to me

{aiko} w00t?

{aiko} now dusty?

{Kyme} okay, i bid.. one chicken, a cow.. and… a dog

* aiko backs out from the bidding

{Iluna} No items allowed

{Kyme} loll

{Iluna} 1K – once

{Iluna} ,

{Dustyhawk} ….

{Iluna} ,

{Kyme} okay lah

{Kyme} 1.5

{Iluna} 1K – Twice

{Dustyhawk} my mizuage is not that CHEAP!!

{Iluna} 1.5 – Kyme

{NaokoWriting} 5K

{Dustyhawk} …damn you

{Kyme} lol

{Iluna} 5K – Naoko!

{Iluna} .

{Kyme} oh darn

{NaokoWriting} hehehe

{Heal} LOL

{Kyme} better check my bank account

{Iluna} .

{NaokoWriting} LOL

{Dustyhawk} WAIT WAIT…

{Iluna} 5K once!

{Kyme} lol… 6k?

{NaokoWriting} 10k

{Iluna} 6K – Kyme!

{Dustyhawk} what is the currency ? RUPIAH ?? RINGGIT?? YEN ??

{Iluna} 10K – Naoko!

{Iluna} The currency?

{Iluna} in USD

{Kyme} oh… then.. 6k divide 4…

{Iluna} 10K once!

{Kyme} ishish

{Kyme} ummm

{Kyme} 12k

{rylands`} @@

{NaokoWriting} 25K

{Iluna} 12K!

{Iluna} 25K!

{rylands`} wth

{NaokoWriting} LOL

* NaokoWriting is ROTLFL

{rylands`} walao


{rylands`} u guys got nth better to do ar

{Kyme} eh… 30k!!!

{NaokoWriting} Not really

{Kyme} kahkahkah

{Iluna} 30K!

{NaokoWriting} 45K

{Iluna} 45K!

{Dustyhawk} as long as its not rupiah ..

{Kyme} aiseh

{NaokoWriting} LOL

{Seireikuma} 50k for a piece πŸ˜›

{Dustyhawk} BID ALL THE WAY

{Iluna} 50K!!!

{NaokoWriting} 75K

{Iluna} 75K!

{Kyme} aiseh!!

{Kyme} 80k!!

{Kyme} lol

* NaokoWriting is laughing

{Iluna} 80K@

{NaokoWriting} 150K

{Dustyhawk} and i accept VISA,MASTERCARD , Cheques, Money Order, Bank Transfer

{Seireikuma} 100k if a whip is involved *evil grin*

{Iluna} 150K!

{Kyme} m/me main masuk nombor only

{Iluna} No Dusty

{Seireikuma} ooo, 150?

{NaokoWriting} LOL

{Iluna} I only accept CASH

{Iluna} 150K!

{Dustyhawk} ilu – your profit is 10%

{Kyme} ummm

{Kyme} 200k!!

{Seireikuma} 250k but he cant scream *evil grin*

{Dustyhawk} i take the 90%

{Iluna} 200K!

{Iluna} 250K!

{Kyme} oh eff

{Kyme} lol

{Dustyhawk} IT’S MY MIZUAGE

{Iluna} Dusty – you earn nothing

{Iluna} 100% – mine

{NaokoWriting} 475K

{Iluna} 475K!

{NaokoWriting} and 25% goes to CF

{Kyme} dusty.. you worth alot

{rylands`} {Iluna} 100% – mine

{Seireikuma} 600K!

{Kyme} i no more munny di

{deru} hahahahahahaaa!!!

{Iluna} 600K!

{NaokoWriting} 1million

{Iluna} 1mil!

{Seireikuma} too rich for my condoms

{Iluna} Next, I’ll auction deru’s mizuage as well, stay tuned

{NaokoWriting} LOL

{Kyme} lol

{deru} WHAT?!

* Onigiri hides from ilunachan

* deru beats the seamonster into a bloody mess.

{DMJewelle} iluna the auctioneer?

{Dustyhawk} …

{Kyme} poor dusty

{Iluna} 1mil!

{Dustyhawk} *sniff*

{Iluna} Anymore?

{Dustyhawk} only 1 mil ?

{Iluna} 1 Mil once!

{Dustyhawk} cheap ass

* Kyme gives ointment in case anything bleeds

{NaokoWriting} you are selling more than HEAL,

{Iluna} 1 Mil twice!

{NaokoWriting} Heal was in rupiah

{Dustyhawk} WAIT…

{NaokoWriting} XDXD

{Iluna} 1 Mil thrice!

{Dustyhawk} my ass aint cheap

{Iluna} SOLD

{ElderG} dusty> wat? u anit worth THAT much ^^

{Iluna} Naoko, here

{karasu} lol

{NaokoWriting} 14,796.594 MYR {– WAS HIS PRICE

{Dustyhawk} WOOT…

{deru} fuyo~

{NaokoWriting} thank you

{Dustyhawk} ……

* Iluna pass the sphere ball to NaokoWriting

{Dustyhawk} who bought me ?

{Iluna} ok

{deru} dusty’s mizuage sold to naokoko! XD

{Iluna} Next is deru

* NaokoWriting takes it and keeps it for now

{kobato} 14k? oO

* Heal is not for sale

{Heal} kthxbai

{NaokoWriting} Heal: You WERE

{Iluna} starting price, RM 1, in RM currency

* deru cracks knuckles.

{Kyme} 5 ringgit

* NaokoWriting buys deru to keep her safe

{Iluna} ok

{ElderG} i bid RM0.01

{NaokoWriting} 250

{Iluna} RM5!

{deru} XD

{Iluna} RM250!

{Kyme} 500

* deru kicks ren

{NaokoWriting} 1K

{Iluna} RM500!

{Iluna} RM1K!

{ElderG} 1mil

{Iluna} RM1 Mil!

{NaokoWriting} 2.5Mil

{Kyme} lol

{Iluna} RM2.5mil!

{Renkun} RM2.51 mil

{Dustyhawk} 4.1 Mil for Deru

{NaokoWriting} 10mil

{Iluna} Rm10MIL!

{Dustyhawk} 10.1 Mil for Deru


{Iluna} RM10.1MIL

{Kyme} 13 mil!!

{NaokoWriting} 25mil

{ElderG} 21.1

{Iluna} RM13mil!

{Dustyhawk} 13.1 Mil for Deru

{Iluna} RM21.1mil!

* Kyme is bidding from bear’s back

{Dustyhawk} 22.1 Mil for Deru

{NaokoWriting} 25mil!!!!

{Iluna} RM22.1 MIL

{Dustyhawk} 32.1 Mil for Deru

{Iluna} RM25!

{01@01Heal} of course, since I’m priceless

* deru laughs like crazy

{NaokoWriting } LOL

{01@01Heal} no one can’t bid for me

{Iluna} RM32.1MIL!

{01@01Heal} XP

{NaokoWriting} 45Mil

{aiko} i bet

{Seireikuma} 50mil

{Iluna} RM45MIL!

{Dustyhawk} 50 Mil

{Kyme} too fast lah

{deru} heal >> priceless, no price, hor?

{Iluna} RM50MIL!

{aiko} 35mil

{ElderG} 1 bil

{aiko} of peanuts

{kobato} woot

{kobato} XD

{Dustyhawk} 51 mill

{NaokoWriting } 1Trillion

{Iluna} RM 1 BIL!!!

{01@01Heal} yep, its not entertained

{Kyme} lol


{Seireikuma} 2.7563 Billion!


{Kyme} eh.. too far aredi

{aiko} got such thing kah

{Dustyhawk} 10 Trillion

{deru} LOL!

{NaokoWriting } LOL

{Iluna} RM 10 TRILLION

{NaokoWriting} 25trillion

{Kyme} lololol


{Iluna} GO GO GO GO GO

{ElderG} lololololol

{Kyme} until trilliono oso got

{01@01Renkun} lol wth

{NaokoWriting} LOL

{samccx[away]} you guys can buy the world with that money

* deru half dies of laughter


{kobato} deru worth so much @@

{samccx[away]} and you’re wasting it on deru’s virginity

{NaokoWriting} Sam: No… only one country


{ElderG} 50 tril

{Iluna} RM50 T..T

{Dustyhawk} 40 trillion


{01@01Kitsune} very wasting TT


{NaokoWriting} 75tril

{Dustyhawk} 90 trillion

{Iluna} RM75 TRILLION!

{Kyme} deeeeruuuuuuuuuuu

* kobato offers deru her cocoa meltykiss

{NaookoWriting} 125tril

{deru} bunny and samsam }} everybody gila liau.

{Iluna} RM90 TRILLION!

{Kyme} lol

{ElderG} 888 tril ^^

{Iluna} RM888 TRILLION!

{kobato} ^^

{Kyme} wahsai

{NaokoWriting} oO

* Seireikuma puts deru on his back as well

{Kyme} soon too many zeros adi


{NaokoWriting} 1quadllion

{deru} meltykiss!

{deru} thank you bunny~~

{Dustyhawk} 666 centillion

{Iluna} 1 QUADLLION!

{NaokoWriting} I am not sure if that exists

* kobato hughug deru πŸ˜€

{Kyme} aiseh, okay lah, i leave the channel

{Iluna} 666 CENTILLION!?

{Iluna} OMG

{Dustyhawk} yup

{Iluna} ONCE

{Dustyhawk} centillion

{Kyme} mummy is like… prowling

{Iluna} TWICE

* deru is hugged and feels loved. yay!

{NaokoWriting} 2 centilion

{Iluna} THRICE!

{NaokoWriting} Sorry…

{Kyme} baibai ppl!!

{Iluna} SOLD


{Iluna} to Dusty!

{Iluna} oki deru

{Iluna} the 666 Centillion is yours

{Dustyhawk} WOOT !!

{NaokoWriting} Deru, would you like me to dera him before you?

{kobato} @@;;;;;;;;;;

{Iluna} go spend them

{Dustyhawk} ….

{kobato} ganassssss

* Heal better get ready to sleep

{deru} naokoko }} dera who?

{deru} XD

{Dustyhawk} im not gonna dera anyone…

{NaokoWriting} Dusty:

{karasu} sextillion

{karasu} lol

{Iluna} Next…next…

{NaokoWriting } He bought you before I could

Next time…

{Iluna} (psst, I actually managed to get ….Yuuchan’s mizuage as well…)