I’m talking about this little site.

Sexual harassment in schools are no joke. In many cases, it’s the place where behaviour will start to solidify, and by then, it will be too late to change. There does seem to be hope though. More and more voices are coming out against it. How many of us were told it’s not seemly for us to do something simply because we’re not the right gender for it? If we excelled in it, we would be ridiculed.

I remember and am greatly ashamed to say I was one of those. No, not the one being ridiculed; the one ridiculing (yes, there is such a word). There was this girl who was simply phenomenal at running and most athletic sports in my first secondary school. She had a tomboyish haircut, would challenge and beat the guys at the sports (in fact the guys were afraid of her) and hung around the girls more than the guys. Rumours flew that she was a lesbian because of it. I never teased her directly, but I remember thinking that.

This leads me to an interesting observation.

There seems to be an increase of girls that shun anything that would accentuate their feminity. I know of several girls who abhor skirts. I’m not sure about them, but skirts in general tend to be impractical, difficult, and impossible. I’m terrified of snatch thefts because it’s happened to me before, and so I don’t like wearing skirts because I have to wear a bag to put my wallet and handphone in.

I’m not sure what else is there to say, so I’ll stop for the time being and continue later. My brain wants to sleep. Nite!


  1. wow..another look ya got here

    i dont think i even knew what a lesbian even was till late into highschool.

    ..i also think that not enough distinction is made between harrasment, threatening someone, molestation and rape. in that order.

    law is made to serve the people, but often its just the other way around..a$$-backwards.

    nowadays i feel only pity for those different than the crowd trying so hard either to fit in or remain invisible.

    not every mizfit is the desperado attention-seeker theyre made out 2 be..

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