So no preschool means…

That your child is a poor little thing who will lose out on education? I think not.

I’m still irate over this ‘feature’ that was aired over TV3 (local channel) during the news several weeks back. According to it, Indian children were losing out because they had no preschool. From the way the report was done, it seemed not going to preschool was tantamount to not going to school. What I was particularly irked at was the fact that not going to preschool was the same as failing. There was a need for more of these facilities, so that these children would not miss out.

I disagree.

While it is true that the best time to teach a child is when they’re young, forcing to go to something like preschool is nothing but torture. It is one thing if the children are thought to enjoy the love of reading (just reading, writing can wait), but another to force them to stay indoors when the sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the day begs to be spent outdoors, looking in the garden for odd-looking berries, playing “Ring around the Roses” with your cousins or friends (I know the song’s a bad choice, but bear with me) and generally running around.

Edit: I’m not sure whether I’m right or wrong, but the main difference between preschool and kindergarten are the methods employed. One emphasizes, and is very much like a normal school. The other teaches children through play, letting them enjoy learning/reading for it’s own sake.

5 thoughts on “So no preschool means…”

  1. Huzzah Montessori schools and unschooling!

    Then again, many people don’t know the difference between preschool and kindergarden (I barely do) so in their minds they’re talking about the same thing…

  2. it really makes me sick how far people are willing to go to give their little furballs the ‘best things in life’..the earlier the better.

    homeschooling if the parents can afford it, would be best imo

    normal school teaches robotism, slavish obedience + herd mentality..along with countless prejudices + lowers self-esteem.

    ive learnt more from the Outside than in school.
    oh, i meant the useful + positive things.

    tertiary education was different though..

  3. I have to say I agree with Sol on some aspects, my education definitely has gotten in the way of my learning. Still, even public schools are better than no schooling at all; I just want it to be more effective and bloody RELEVANT!

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