Is this liveblogging? I wonder…

Today was a full day. Basically it was divided into three arts: Med check up, Times Bookstore Raid Sale and finally, picking Dusty/Leo up. ^_^

Part One: The Medical Check Up

So I woke up early, took the LRT and reached the Twin Towers Medical Centre (TTMC) at about five minutes to nine. They asked me to fill out a few forms, and then I waited for a bit.

The first test was an X-Ray test. I was asked to remove anything metallic that I was wearing, strip and put on a grey robe. The first few times I tried to tie it, it kept opening, so I left the bra on. (It was only the top guys… -_-”) Then the nurse told me I had to remove that too, so off it went. This was done, and so I stood in front of this white box and more or less hugged the machine (as instructed). Two seconds later, after I see a bright orange light behind me, she tells me that it’s over. My reaction: o_O

I then proceed to the next part of the test.

This was followed by a few more minutes of waiting, and then my height and weight were taken. This was then followed by a very interesting eyetest. I had to do it twice, cause for my right eye.. it was unusually blurry. In fact, I saw through my left eye clearer, which is very odd considering that it’s my left eye that’s the Lazy Eye.

After that, it was breakfast. The nurse told us to drink plenty of water and to go and have breakfast for the next part of the tests, which was the consultation and urine test. At that, I was again surprised. I didn’t realise that I had to take a urine test. So off I went to breakfast, wondering what to eat.

In the end, I settled on soft drinks (refillable) at Burger King with two Dunkin Donuts. The doughnuts were Mocha Frost (seriously sugar-filled) and Green Apple (a little sourish, but pleasant). So for those who’ve interacted with me in real time (doesn’t matter whether it’s face to face or just talking online) yuo know what that means.


So at about five minutes to ten, I went off again to TTMC, and this time I didn’t know how to broach the subject of urine till the nurse told us at about 10.20 am to do it if we were ready, so me and another girl did so…

And the nurse tells us: “Don’t take the beginning part of the urine… Just the middle.” Eeep.


Note: I forgot urine is a way of expelling heat from the body.

Then we went into the consultation. In it, I explained the various ailmetns that my family members had, and so the doctor noted that my family had a strong history of cardiovascular disease. She checked my blood pressure and noted that for a girl my size, I was actually a little low. It was time for the body test.

I was told to go topless, and then the doctor put on a blanket on my chest while she prodded my stomach. I forgot to ask her why. After ascertaining that I had nothing wrong, she then proceeded to check my breasts, mainly because I had told her that my mom’s side had a history of breast cancer. She pointed out that as I was still young, my breasts were firm, and the breast tissues moved easily. She showed mehow to do a BSE (Breast Self-Examination) and pointed out that if you feel a lump and it moves, and it feels like a small chain, it’s your tissues. IF, HOWEVER, the lump is big and fixed, go and check it. It may be a growth.

After that, I was told that I could leave, and so I did.

I went to Kino, and discovered…

Yami No Matsuei (Descendents of Darkness).

I want to read more.

And will post the rest tomorrow. Am tired, and now it’s time to sleep. Nite-nite!

4 thoughts on “Is this liveblogging? I wonder…”

  1. At least you got a female NURSE for your X-ray. When I had to do mine for Aussie, it was a man. >

  2. At least you got a female NURSE for your X-ray. When I had to do mine for Aussie, it was a man.

    AND…let me tell you what I had to PEE IN for my urine test. Ever drank Brand’s Chicken Essence? Ever checked out the SIZE of the bottle it comes in? Yep. I had to effing pee in that. Imagine. Oh, Imagine!!! And they wonder why small towns are called SMALL towns.

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