Liveblogging, Part Two

After about an hour or so, I started walking to the station, and on the way I see some people collecting donations for charity. They seemed sincere enough, but I kept walking, remembering how some people outsource donation collectors for some charity organizations. I bought my ticket to the train, got on it, and then called Ti, who was just (about two minutes before the message came in) accepted into the Queensland University Of Technology.

After that, I got on the train back to Taman Bahagia and picked up my chair, going to a cybercafe near my house. I logged onto the IRC channel that was comicfiesta very quickly, and within minutes I’d gotten another two boys to join me, Luc and Tiara on a Book Shopping expedition! I really wanted to meet my new Kor Kor Shun, but I settled for seeing ElderG again and meeting Ren_kun, who’s this really random kid waiting for his SPM results.

So after about an hour in the cafe, I left it to go pick up Ren, being greatly surprised to see this very young, very proper young man who had just slightly long hair. o_O He was also much quieter than I’d expected, and if I were in high school, he looked like exactly the kind of guy I’d go for. The quiet, geeky ones. Sounded like one too.

So after that we went to pick up Tiara, and boy did we start. Ren seemed a little quiet, probably because I told him about the sugar kicking in. AND IT DID. Much later than I’d expected it too though.

We went off to Atria, and I meet Luc Sasarai aka Juu-fan for the first time. OMG!!! WHAT A SWEET YOUNG THING, REALLY! Honestly… Luc was among the very few CF-ers that I did not already have an image in my mind of how they would have looked. She was really a sweet young thing, and far more imaginative than most people would have given her credit for.

First we got Tiara some nourishment, as she had not eaten anything yet. RIGHT AFTER THAT, IT WAS RAIDING TIMES BOOKSTORE TIME!

Okay, weird pun.

We went around the place and we saw a LOT of really, really good books. If I had had a budget of RM 100 instead of RM50, I would have bought more, but in the end I bought only three books; two which cost only RM 3 each and one Dale Carnegie book which was RM 22. I feel very much like Piro when he got his new laptop. ^_^

So after that, we adjourned to Burger King in SS2, AND WE HAD A SMASHING GOOD TIME.

You know you’ve left a great impression when the manager teases the employee about his friends. ^_^

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  1. Wow…
    Looked like you had so much fun!
    Too bad couldn’t join you…should have told me earlier than i could’ve postponed the movie with Barbs.
    Anyways, I had fun too. Looks like Times Bookstore has better deals compared to MPH, eh?

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