Not a good start

So I’m starting my job in a matter of minutes, and I have to be off soon.

Woke up early to see Tiara’s script on the Prelude to the Red Carpet, and failed to hear most of it because the satellite connection was bad. What I got were mainly bursts of static silence and lots of pretty pictures. Sad.

One of the worse things about getting up this early is that my mother gets to see what I’m planning to wear for work. She’s been on my case already, rejecting the dark blue top and black pants I wore, claiming that it’s too dark, then wanting me to wear a top SHE HAD CLAIMED WHEN I FIRST STARTED WEARING IT AS TOO OLD-FASHIONED. The cheek of it all?

Mom: I never said it was old fashioned!

Me: Mom, you said so the first three four times I wore it.

Mom: *Mutters* I did not, but better than all black.

Me: *Glare*

Dad: *In a ‘you-don’t-have-to-live-with-her-but-I-do-so-don’t-argue” voice* Just change!

Me: *Gets off to change, but rejects that top and goes for another (which happens to be unironed because I wasn’t really expecting to wear it yet) *

Mom: *Ten minutes later* Aiyo! This one not yet iron.

Me: …

Mom: Change your pants!

Me: I don’t have any more! Where did the blue one go?

Mom: The button came off remember? I’ll sew it back later.

Me: Mom, just give it to me.

*Ten sewing minutes later*

Mom: DON’T TAKE THAT JACKET! It looks so old and unwashed. What kind of first impression are you going to give? Here, take mine.

And so forth.

I loathe taking anything from my parents especially since in the next few months I plan to move out. Furthermore, it looks like it’s going to be an angsty day for me as SOMEONE promised to call me and didn’t, and to tell the truth, I’m sick of being treated as a toy. Buck up or ship out, boy. I’m not going to hang around for a guy who takes me for granted and doesn’t appreciate the time and effort I put in for this relationship. I love you, damnit, but I don’t think YOU do, so make your mind up. Blergh.

5 thoughts on “Not a good start”

  1. Apparently my research didn’t even make the actual show! It ended up being more about who’s the cook and who’s the hairstylist and nothing about the nominees. >_

  2. Oh, poor Pat!

    I surely empathise with you. I know how it feels when you have parents on your case picking out what they think you should and should not where on your first day to work…in fact, for almost every working day! *Groans*
    Wish parents would just let us go and face up to the fact that we no longer need their fussing…

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