Sick, pt2

Yesterday, I had a rather bad cough in the morning, but decided to go out anyway. I had an appointment with Vivian that I did NOT want to miss. I wasn’t sure whether to go and give it a miss, and decided not to. I hadn’t seen Vivian for over 6 months, and I needed new shoes for work, so I thought nothing of the cough and went out with her.

Big mistake.

I went to my grandmother’s house first, where my godfather was around, and then he gave me a present from Canada. It was earrings!! They were a beautiful pair of amethyst drop earrings, and it just so happened that I was looking for a pair of drop blue earrings, mainly because the ones I had were a bit too small for my taste, and I didn’t really want something too big like the set I got from the Curve. Plus, they came with this really cool stoppers. Anyone who’s worn drop earrings will tell you that they don’t usually come with stoppers (making people like me afraid the earrings will drop off, though that isn’t really possible).

After that, I went to see my mom at her office to give her a cheque and some money for yesterday’s shopping. Then I went off to pick Viv up. I didn’t know she’d get harrased by those louts, because if I had I would have offered to pick her up from somewhere nearer. In any case, we got to MV with no problems, but one presented itself immediately.


In the end we parked on the fifth floor, and ende up taking the lift down. It was rather nice to see her again, and after about 10-15 minutes of walking and stomach rumbling, we finally decided to eat at Sushi King’s. It was not bad, and I really enjoyed my soup. Then again, it could be that my body was looking for ways to heat itself up (I generally LOVE eating hot things when my body’s not well). Once we had eaten and chatted, we decided to go shopping!

Somehow or another, we found ourselves in Jaya Jusco, and there, we split up for a moment. I went to Niko Niko Doh to check out some soundtracks, while Viv saw some jewellery and decided to look at them. (What is it with girls and shineys? Even I’m not invulnerable to them!) I found some DNAngel ones going for about RM20 (which is CHEAP IMHO) but I wasn’t too sure which ones to get. Maybe I’ll drag Leo there one day and have him help me choose. ^_^

After that, we went down to the ground floor where all the shoes were. It took me just a little over ten minutes, I believe, to find a perfect pair of buckskin-lookalike shoes. At least that’s what they reminded me of. I bought them, then went to change from my slippers to those new FLATS. Boy were my feet singing happily. It’s been a long time since I DID not wear heels or flats that were too small. I found Viv shopping for lingerie (JJ has got a fantastic deal on ligerie now!) and waited and helped her choose some while waiting. Once that was done, we went off to MPH for a bit (Viv went to the loo) and then hit the arcade, mainly to play Para Para.

After two months of not playing, my skills have gone down. *Sniffs*

We decided to head back then, but not before going to get a drink. While we were going to the Jaya Jusco supermarket, we saw the new ice-creams from Macdonald’s. Vivian had the raspberry one, and I had the caramel (I think it was caramel). OMG. Pure heaven.

On the way home, I was feeling decidedly woozy, but I was still good enough to drive. Dropped Vivian home, went to pick up Leo, and got a heart attack on the way. Mom wanted me to pick her up AT 6.45 PM. Leo finished at 6.30. See my dilemma? I picked Leo up, told him, but in the end, I sent him home instead of letting him meet my mom. (You ARE going to meet her sooner or later, darling)

Picked mom up and asked her to send me to the doctor’s. Verdict: Temperature at 102. O_O So got MC for the day and rested. And now I sleep. Nite.

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  1. OH NO!! Get well soon Pat!!
    And thanks for the great afternoon!! Will see you soon enough..jetting off in the evening…^^

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