I apologise for my previous post.

There is nothing whatsoever I can say to redeem myself, except perhaps I wrote it wrong. Feel free to kick me about it the next time you see it.

For Tiara, that means Tuesday. (Also have news about the kompang, will let you know after confirming with dad).

For Phil, that means whenever he sees me next. Sorry guys.

2 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. No harm done.

    At least, you’ve seen the light!

    Just remember though, tolerance is the key to peace, hate/misunderstandings/bias is the root of all strife.

    But, to each his/her own.

    Be well, dear one!

    *in a very philosophical mood right now*

  2. i fail to see why its necessary to apologize for a heartfelt opinion.

    im sure you meant no insult. then again, we do live in extremely pc-times.

    again, to each his own.

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