LOL… Please excuse the above comment. You see, yesterday something happened in the channel. A certain someone was going around forcing his attentions on some of the people in the channel, and well… to say that his actions were not taken to kindly would be an understatement. It took both Onini and Dimmie’s combined reasoning for him to apologize, and when he did, he acted like he didn’t know that he had gone overboard. I think part of the problem is that he doesn’t see how the channel goes before he starts shooting. And I suppose that he didn’t like being shut down so strongly. In fact, he PM’ed me, and we got some old issues sorted out.

This morning, when I woke up, one of the things that flashed through my brain was that: He’s going to blog about the channel, in some way. I was right. According to him, I finally took a hint. *Shrugs* I took it a long time ago.

And for some reason, being called a religious hypocrite by him didn’t hurt at all. Maybe because for me, I acknowledge that. Is it wrong for me to hope that the man I marry would NOT be a Muslim, for the sake of my children? Or at least be openminded enough for me to raise my kids as I see fit? Is it wrong for me to wish that I will marry someone who’s of the same religion as I? And yes, I will call a religion weird if I want to. Heck, even my own is weird to many, as well as yours, so why the quibbling?

And for the Muslim readers out there… No offense sweeties. Really, I do like your religion, but I don’t want my kids to be born into it. If they want to be Muslims, they’re going to have to do it on their own. ^_^

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  1. You’re being contradictory. You’re expecting your spouse to be openminded to how you want to raise your kids, but you won’t extend the same open-mindedness to him? It’s HIS kids too.

    Every religion has its weirdness. I could point off various things about Christianity that are weird in and of itself. (And remember, Judaism and Christianity and Islam have similar roots so much of the core stories are the same.) Some things aren’t even a matter of “weird” as it is “different perspectives” or “intepretation” or even “translation”.

    You say your kids will have to find Islam on their own. What if they do? Will you still accept your kids as your own? Would you accept their faith? Or would you resent them, disown them?

    Why should your potential spouse’s religion even be a factor in marriage? Whatever happened to cooperation, to working things out, to compromise? Why does YOUR SPOUSE have to make allowances but not YOU?

  2. Ti got a point there, you know, Naoko.

    The fact of the matter is that each religion has its own set of laws, customs, traditions and rules to follow – whether they be “God-made” or man-made. it’s part and parcel of every religion and we can’t simply say that religion is right or wrong.

    I understand about the misgivings you have regarding Islam – considering that the laws aren’t exactly kind to women at all. It takes a lot of efforts to reform this ancient laws and with everyone so guarded about making religious comments, no one is daring enough to take the bold, first step to changing any of the laws…this people will be fatwa-ed if they do.

    Me, sometimes I wish I was born into an atheist family. I hate all this talk about God and religion and feeling dependent on something/someone that you can’t see or feel is there. Frankly, the world would be a much better place to live in if there weren’t any religion involved in it.

  3. It’s very simple. Christian ‘laws’ have no force in actual law (and thats a good thing). Islamic law however does in Malaysia. Infact, I would argue that muslims are being discriminated against in Malaysia by the very fact that they are subject to more laws than non-muslims.

    Now, would you want your children being born into social situation where they were discriminated against?

    it’s not prejudice, it’s a survival reflex. We all want the best for our children.

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