BBQ, Part 2

Am writing this from the office, so have pity on me. Again behind the cut because it’s long.

It was a three-car convoy as we were heading towards Onini’s place. We were originally supposed to have Iluna following us, but when 4pm came and they were still in KL, we told them to find their own way to Onini’s place. They agreed and off we went.

First things first: Pyon and Dai drive very fast, very scarily. I’ve never pushed my baby so fast so hard. In fact, Pyon was driving so fast, Dai had to race to catch up with him, and when we (my car) finally caught up with him, I had to park in front of him to avoid hitting Dai’s car. Am I glad I replaced my brakes the other day. They were both travelling at about 100km/ph over throughout 75% of the journey. (Later on I found out from Pyon that he thinks I’m a safe driver. I didn’t think the way I drove today (Saturday) was really safe =D)

We got onto the Kesas Highway via Summit USJ (basically an area that’s supposed to be jammed at that time of the day, but it was just heavily congested, not jammed) and then proceeded to use the Kota Kemuning route (another place that I hear of very frequently but have never been to). Minus bumpy roads and a killer toll (RM1.5 per way! HIGHWAY ROBBERY- Pun unintended), we reached Onini’s place unscathed. It was really out of the way, but it was in a quiet neighbourhood.

When we reached there, I hugged Onini (in the channel she’s my niece, so KAWAII, even in real life!) and we proceeded to put whatever was needed into the fridge/freezer. Then came the scary news: We had no firestarters. So the boys went off to setup the two grills and Sizer, Onini, me and Heal (who stated he was a girl as she didn’t want to be outside) started peeling eggs. He peeled eggs faster than we did. -_-” On a random note, it is now proven that Sizer is genderless. XD

We checked on the boys outside from time to time, and when the charcoal was about to be lighted (we found firestarters in the storeroom, but they were expired) Lee-kun, Yuhi-kun, and Shun KOR KOR!!! That was the meeting I had been waiting for all day! He was so cute and short (shorter than me XD), I had to resist myself from pinching his cheeks (which explains why I avoided him most of the day. KAWAII DESU!). No wonder Aiko loves him. Sweet guy too. ^_^

Yuhi and the boys brought tenta… I mean the squids (known in Malay as sotong), along with CHICKEN WINGS! Woot! As they started to heat up the BBQs, we got calls from Iluna that they were now lost. They were in front of the Hin Hua school in Klang, which was about 5 minutes away from my grandmother’s house in Klang. So I followed Dai, Heal, and Leo out to get them. Main reason for this was because I’d heard a lot of things about Dai’s driving, and I was suicidal curious. His driving was actually pretty normal, but I spent the last 5 minutes of the trip back to Onini’s place holding on to Leo. Dai said he was going to drift (but he decided not to in the end) so I held on to Leo, having never really been in a car that was drifting.

Reaching Onini’s place again, we found the fire was nice and hot and started tossing things into it. Shaun, my onii-chan, also bathed at Onini’s place and greeted us when we came back. The first things we tossed were my taters. Took them about 5 minutes later. Still a bit hard, according to Ruka, so we let the others cook a bit longer (at the end of the night, there was only one half of the taters left. Since I think it was enough for 20+ servings and there were 17-19 of us, I think that was good). Kits came with Yukina (WHO’S JUST AS CUTE IN RL!) and THEY BROUGHT CHEESE! Cheese with taters: YUM!

While the cooking was going on outside, there was a Naruto tourny going on inside. The Loser (5 successive losses) would be drinking Heal’s Inuit (sp?) juice. Inuit’s this guy from Prince of Tennis. Rumour has it that he drinks something that seems vile for his energy levels. That was what Heal made. I know it has ginger, carrot, and some milk in it, but I have no idea what else was in it.

I was excluded from the game because Onini said so. YAY! We both were. ^_^

After that, I was running around getting food for myself, for others, and generally having a blast. Seriously, there were two groups. The ones inside were screaming their heads off, the ones outside were shaking their heads at the ones inside. It was seriously fun and hilarious! The chicken wings marinated really well, and the tenta… I mean sotongs were delicious. The only disturbing thing about them was when I was about to bite into mine. There was this liquid that came out, and if you know tentai, you’ll know why I was relunctant to eat it. It was however, nothing short of heavenly.

The night ended with Bunny being the loser of the night, and she DOWNED THE DRINK LIKE A MAN! WOOT BUNNY! Seriously, she drank it all in one go. The fact that we had choc mousse (prepared by Uncle Kiwi- ElderG’s brother and therefore my uncle, long story, adopted by them) made it better for her, I believe. Once the mousse was distributed, we prepared to play Katamari Damancy, while the girls in the backgroud played Onini’s piano.

Teh-O can really play a good version of Scarlet. This is the opening song for one of the most cliche anime ever created, but the music for this anime is nothing short of haunting. I loved this soundtrack, and listening to Teh-O playing, it wasn’t long before we were all singing to it. Heal even did a Russian Cancan dance, but unfortunately he couldn’t kick Iluna down. (I would have killed him if he did, I was sitting behind Iluna).

Going home was rather uneventful. I was reminded to tell dad to ask about the kompang (he’s been avoiding it) and then tell Tiara about it. For now, I log off this entry. See you all @home!