Today shall be a semi-liveblogging post. And yes, I am tagging:

1. Tiara
2. Kyle (if he gets the chance)
3. ViceIce.
4. Vivian (I know you’ll love this)
5. Hisashi.

Liveblogging is simply you blogging throughout the day about your day. So the following is a semi-example of liveblogging for today (behind the cut).

So the day started with me lying in bed thinking of what I was going to wear for Onini‘s bbq. In the end, I woke up, switched on my comp and Mapled for a bit. Once the alarm beeped, I went to prepare for Onini’s BBQ. By preparing, I mean boiling the taters and getting the foil ready. Mom came home while taters were boiling and we had a bit of an argument about it. She wanted me to do them at Onini’s house, but I was adamant on not doing so.

Long story short, I got my way, prepared myself for BBQ, and then went off at 1 to pick Leo up. Even that was an adventure in itself. Mom suddenly wanted to have lunch outside, and wanted to follow me. I had an argument with her again about that, and finally Dad came home in time to take her out. Left the house, though not without a twinge of guilt. I love my mother and I know that’s she’s afraid for her daughter, but she’s got to learn to let go. I just hope that I can let mine go when it’s time.

Then picked my baby up, had lunch, and we spent most of the time waiting for it to pass by talking in the car. I miss those moments, where we just sit down and talk. In any case, when the time came, we were talking to Dai, Sizer (*Glomps Sizer*) and a certain person who had been stirring up the channel’s true identity was revealed to Sizer. Then we made our way to Onini’s place.

Because it’s getting late now, I’ll write more later. Just to let you know, I’ve never pushed my Seraphine (my car) so hard. Poor baby.


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  1. LOL…hmm…I’m not even quarter through my day yet. So I shall write at the end of the day…or am I supposed to do this as I go along?

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