This disgusted me.

What is it with humans and the need to shove each other into small little cubicles? It’s one thing if she had been defaming their country, but she wasn’t! She merely mentioned that it was her family hometown. What was wrong with that? It’s a HOMETOWN.

you have to shrink ur horizon when u move inside this world.

Why the heck do we have to shrink our horizons when we move in the world? We are CHILDREN OF THE WORLD. Why can we not have horizons that are bigger than the world?

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  1. link ain’t workin!

    why? cause the world sucks. specifically, the world that man created for himself.

    so freakin’ plastic. me feel more than ever like running off to the wilderness.

    in very bad mood 2day ;(

  2. It didn’t really matter. It just seemed that there was a misunderstanding when Tiara Shafiq mentioned that she’s a world citizen, possibly instigated the other users to perceive that she’s being ignorant for hesitantly admiting her roots.

  3. Lol, if one can get disgusted by eating untreated food, it will come out of the body, nonetheless. What’s more than having a passing acquaintance with something intangible? And speaking about acquaintances, try to remind yourself of Robert Burns’ “Should auld acquaintance be forgot…”, you get the idea.

  4. Hmmph, no use arguing with narrow-minded, “overly nationalistic” people. Tiara ought to have just ignored them and brush off the criticisms.

    While there’s nothing wrong with being nationalistic and patriotic, but don’t go to the extend of attacking other people for not being nationalistic and patriotic like you. Tiara ought to have said that to the girl and add that everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

    I definitely don’t get it why that person who criticised Tiara must force Tiara to say “my country” when it is NOT hers per se…like Tiara said, she had only been there a couple months on holiday. Just because it’s my parents’ country doesn’t I have to proclaim it is my country too.

    I don’t always refer to Malaysia as my country but as my home. Very different connotation. And my hometown is Penang but I live in PJ, Selangor. In a sense, I too see myself more as aglobal citizen rather than just a Malaysian. More outward-looking and seeing things on a broader perspective.

    That’s the problem with a lot of people nowadays. They refuse to see things on a broader perspective. They continue to see inside themselves, inside their own country and think that others are inferior and those who do not proclaim their allegiance as traitors. What has the world come too?

  5. i believe..in WW1 nationalism was rampant and it was trendy to declare oneself as part of their own ‘soil’.

    those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

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