The office is cold…..

My feet are freezing….

I have been called a Polar Bear….

6 thoughts on “Freezing…”

  1. Those fingerless gloves work pretty well, or at least they help out. Bikers use them a lot, you might want to check them out!

    Poor tiny frozen Patsicle. 🙁

  2. err..polar bears dont feel cold that easy, but seein u will smacke me..::grinz::

    hows work? sides the cold?

    me, just chillin *as usual*
    taken to daydreamin alot lately too.

  3. Phil: No need. The smokers have already taken care of that one.

    Zhil: I’ve tried it before. It’s not so much my palms that are cold, but my fingers, so the gloves sort of work against the point. -_-” Still.. PATSICLE!

    Sol: Hehe. Work’s been fine. Will blog about a typical day once the air subsides. ^_^

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