Most of you would know that I, on the whole, abhor taking medication, especially pills. I disapprove of taking any drugs unless ill (Leo will know this QUITE well).

Which is why I decided to be an attention-seeker and announce to the whole world that I took some Panadol (aspirin to all non-Malaysians) today. Ok, it was a minor headache… but I SHOULDN’T NEED IT! *Breaks down*

This has been my daily dose of insanity. Thank you for listening. reading.

3 thoughts on “Panadols”

  1. Seconds Ti’s comment above. Pat, Panadol and Aspirin are two wholly separate drugs- don’t get them mixed up.. 😛

    And aiyah, it’s ok to pop pills when you’re in pain. After all they were invented for a reason.

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