Don’t wanna be alone…

And that’s the main reason why I find it so hard to let him go.

It’s not just the intimacy that I crave, not just the physical touches, nor the doubtful exclusivity of being a half and knowing it.

It’s that someone who will stand by you no matter what, someone who will care for you, someone to listen to and not judge, and someone you can be totally honest with.

It’s that someone who makes you feel special, someone that YOU want to make feel special.

It’s the way that comfort is there and you can take it without the fear of being rejected.

It’s both the giving and the taking.

It’s the liberation of opening your heart and letting yourself be open for the hurt.

It’s the feeling of being loved and cared for. Of being treasured, of know that to someone, you are the world.

It’s that someone you can take the mask off fully and not be rejected. Baring your soul, anguish, pain and fears to someone, and doing the same for them.

It’s that someone whom you’re not afraid to give because you can and you want to.

It’s loving someone for their own sake and not because they need saving or fixing.

It’s being there when they need you, no matter the consequences.

And most importantly

It’s letting them know that you still love them, even though you’ve been crumpled.

It’s not making sense, is it?

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