Today was supposed to be a full day; breakfast with family, lunch with Tai Ka Che, Viv and some college friends, and then tea/dinner with Neko and the gang. In between that, I was supposed to go and get some Tees from Yvoone. I was really looking forward to it.

So guess how many were done at the end of the day?

About half.

I met Yvonne and got the tees. Was snuggling them all the way to the car. Went for the swimfest, which was also rather fun, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Day started out with me waking at about 8 plus, and lounging in my bed till about 9 plus. Then I got out of it, talked with my mom a bit, and waited till they were gone before I went into my brother’s room and tried to connect to the Internet.


I wonder if there’s something wrong with the line, our splitter, or if someone’s tapping into it. I have to call up TM on Monday and get it sorted out. It’s ridiculous that the phone keeps dropping the way it always does. *Glares at the guy working for TM*

Packed my stuff later on, had a feeling that I should be packing a pair of short pants and wear my swimsuit under my clothes, but decided not to in the end. I discovered that I should have listened to my own instincts, which I will explain in a bit.

In the end, I had lunch with mom, and then ElderG (*Dad*) calls up to mention that he is still feeling unwell, so I took my bro’s car and drove to Ikano. There I waited in Popular and met Karen Ann, the woman behind Book Projects 1 & 2 who persuaded me to stay on a bit for the talk, which I did.

I also met Yvonne, and it was so nice to meet her!!! Got the tees I wanted, and then sat and enjoyed the talk for a bit. Once DaddyG and Uncle Kiwi arrived, we started on that grand adventure to Neko’s house.

Simple sum, we got lost twice. I will write more later.

When we got to Neko’s place, there was… FOOD. And because I was hot, changed into my swimsuit.

Dinner was Pasar Malam and Steven’s Corner. Filling.

I feel like writing a IlunaXHeal Fic, but that can wait. Night!

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