Levi’s 501 Stay True

I took a leave today because I fell sick after attending that event yesterday. So yes, it was that tiring. Tiara was tired too, but all in all… I think it wasn’t too bad. Minus some bad decisions made by the organizers in the end.

We reached there at about 9am, which I considered to be a good sign as we didn’t get lost (which was a very good thing). I actually took a different route than I had previously taken when getting to KLCC, but it turned out to be a good thing. For once, the road signs were ACCURATE. And since it was a Sunday, I was able to manuver and do things that I would normally NOT do. XDXD Once we parked, we unloaded and went inside.

To a certain degree, Zouk fit my expectations. The place was dark, the music was loud, and it more or less smelled of smoke. The floors were scary though. Since I normally go barefoot in the office and at home (like most Malaysians, the home part, not the office bit) I can guess whether or not the carpet has been cleaned, and Zouk’s felt like it had never known carpet cleaners. It was so slimy!

Well, when we got there, we started setting up the booth. *Thanks goes out to everyone who helped us, especially the contractor with the staple gun* First we did the jeans, then we hung up some mobiles (pics of UpWithPeople that Ti had printed), followed by arranging the booth- which took the longest time as we had so many things to put on the table. This was fun. I really enjoyed putting everything up. Emir, one of Ti’s friends who was also the emcee for the first part of the show, kept coming to our booth, mainly because he was going to interview her, but then after that I think he just liked the company (he ended up dumping his shirt at our booth XD) .

In the end, it took us about two hours to setup, and it was fast. Next to us was Manmeng.net, a songwriter who just began writing his songs recently. He was such a cute lil kid! Felt like pinching his cheeks, but eh… not a good idea. Once that was done, Ti and I made a shopping list and off I went to KLCC to get said items. It was basically:

– Some junk food
– Extra bottle of water (just in case, you never know)
– Disposable camera

While I was there, Ti called up to see if I was up to doing more shopping. Being myself, I agreed, and in the end I bought Emir’s lunch and a top-up card. I had to do a bit of walking around in KLCC to look for a fairly-priced disposable camera. In the end, I bought one that was the same price as the others with added shots in it. I have another 3 more to kill, maybe I’ll take pics in the office. XD

I walked back to Zouk, and boy were my feet killing me. Reached there at about 1 plus, and immediately regretted not getting lunch for Ti and me. We didn’t get anything as they told us; “No outside food and drink permitted.” Then someone tells us that there would be food provided. Later on, we find out that we’re supposed to go OUTSIDE to get food. My reaction was “WTF?”

I waited for my bro to come, and suprisingly, Leo came as well. We ended up going out together (Leo and me) to get lunch for Ti and me. Lunch was McDonald’s, and it was filling. For a moment I thought we might be together again, but no, he broke my heart again today. *Tries hard not to cry*

The day passed in a blur of people coming up, asking us what we were all about, and giving out brochures, whatnot and freezing. The “Vandalise Our Jeans” plea was fairly well-received: By the end of the day, someone even left their phone number as they wanted us to call them back as they want the jeans. Hah.

Day ended with us all (Bro, Edgar, Emir, Ti and I) going to the 24hr A&W’s for dinner and generally sleeping like a log when we did.

Sorry it’s not the full details, but I am sleepy. Will update more tomorrow.

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  1. ha. i should do a write up on ED soon, except if i try to do that now I’ll sound bloody incoherant. will link to this tho.

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  3. Sounds like you all had lots of fun! Too bad I missed out on it. Really wanted to come but then, i got a call from Ian to give me my brand new Olympus DSLR cam. Heh, and I thought the sick part was due to you getting a hungover…Barb was soooooo sure you had a hungover cause she thinks you cannot go to Zouk and leave without getting drunk! Ha!

    Right now, I’m bouncing off the walls of my room thanks to downing 3 bottles of Spritzer Lemon Pop…

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