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Do you like holding hands? How about sharing a hug with the person that you care for? Can you accept kisses as a way to show affection? Do you think that you have the ability to judge for yourself whether or not your behaviour will offend others around you? Does it matter to you if you are being treated equally as everyone else, including tourists from other countries like Singapore or the UK?


Come and support the court case of two young people that are charged for “indecent behavior”, all because they allegedly hugged and kissed in a public park.

Day: Thursday, 1st June 2006
Time: 9:00am
Place: DBKL Magistrates Court, Jalan Tun Razak (near the Pekeliling Flats, behind Tawakal Hospital. Nearest LRT Stop: Titiwangsa)
Map: DBKL Court |

On 2 August 2003, Ooi Kean Thong (24) and Siow Ai Wei (22) were accused of “indecent behaviour” at the KLCC park.

They lodged a report against the two DBKL officers who allegedly issued them with a summons after they refused to bribe them. Not only that, the challenged the city council’s authority to enact such “morality laws”.

On 4 April 2006, the Federal Court ruled that the KL City Hall had the authority to enact bylaws to prosecute people for indecent public behaviour.

Worried that tourists will stop visiting our country because of such openly ridiculous policing of private behavior, the Mayor of KL hastily reassured the BBC on the very next day, that this will not apply to tourists.

Meanwhile, Ooi and Siow will have to defend themselves against the charge of indecent behaviour.

Where do you stand?

Come to the hearing and show your support to Siow and Ooi�s courageous stance. KataGender ( is organising a visual statement on the day. Join us as we hold hands and state your thoughts.

Please wear a white or plain coloured t-shirt and bring marker pens, cardboard, and your friends.

For more information, contact:

We will be meeting at the Masjid Jamek LRT station at 8:15am � 8:30am to go the courts together via the LRT. Alternatively, you can meet us directly at the DBKL Magistrates Court.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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