6 thoughts on “I’ve broken up with him”

  1. it because, he wanted to change..maybe he can change. It’s like a violent man who has been put into prison for 100 years and when he is released, the mark of violence is still on his forehead. thus the people will still be afraid of him

  2. Because feeling like shit is natural, it’s part of the grieving process.

    And because he’s being manipulative all over again. puppy dog eyes and all. stay a million miles from him.

    You know it’s all just words.

  3. hei u, im sorry ur feelin this way..

    sheesh, u know u cud’a hinted something at me blog…
    kay tell u what.

    anytime u need ta talk, email or holler @ me blog, eh???

    love and hate are, in my opinion too powerful for the mortal shell to contain..without some help ::smilez::

    so..pls cheer up just a wee bit cuz the world, and yer silli freinds need a gemini like u to paint the place funny colors, eh?

    everyone is afraid of being alone. anyone who denies this is either a liar or a fool.

  4. ::cheesy smile::
    err, i hope that wuz in a good way, else feel free ta knock me on the head. with a hammer. 😉

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