This is going to be a long, winding thread (I think).

I’ve had many petsiblings over the years, but the one that I have now.. My current pet-family… they’ve really surprised me beyond my… I guess I can’t say expectations as I didn’t really expect them to be my family, but within a few months, these people have grown on me.

For those who know me, the majority of them happen to be CF-ians, or Comic Fiesta , but there’s also a number of people outside that circle I’m proud to call family. I’ve got more siblings, a couple of new parents, two daughters and quite a few nephew and nieces (thank goodness no grandchildren).

In case you didn’t know, Tiara’s one of my petsisters. So’s Phil. One’s the younger, the other the older. As in one’s my brother the other’s my sister, stop looking at me like that. -_-” I love both of them to bits, and they are really part of the two rocks that hold me up.

Then there’s DaddyG (no, he’s nothing like a rap star, far from it), Mummy Kyme (Actually stepmother, but that’s another story), my various siblings (I’m suprised I can keep them all straight in my head), my daughters Neko and XY, my son-in-law-who-is-XY’s-twin Heal, nephews Iluna and Ryu (Yes, whenever my eldest XY appears, the whole tree ends up incesting each other).

It’s just that when I broke up with Leo, they rallied. They came to my aid… and very often the words they spoke made me cry. Made me smile. Made the darkest hours bearable, because they were always there, always willing to listen, lend a shoulder to cry on. More importantly, they reminded me that I was loved.

And hey… It’s better to be loved and loved, right?

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