Forgotten Lectures

Speech given at the College of Aphrodite. Speaker unknown.

Any couple that does not argue at all do not really love each other. Arguments, though unpleasant may they be at the time, helps to clear the air, release pent-up feelings and in many cases, act like a blast of air to clear away the cobwebs.

Any relationship that does not have at least ONE disagreement is no real relationship. After all, we are talking about two different individuals (or consciousness for the politically correct). There is no such thing as perfect harmony, not even in twins.

Therefore, it is healthy to have a bit of bickering. It is healthy to argue (but not all the time, of course). It is healthy, to be pissed off at your partner or the one you love because of something they said. It is also healthy for THEM to be pissed off at you.

Harmony may be perfect, but it does get boring.

Yes, this is a writing excerise. Hush!