Repeat after me:

We are not Lemmings. Just kidding. Since everyone seems to be doing this:

1) Your first experience in blogging :

* When and How was your first experience?
I actually checked this last night just to make sure it was real… My first blog post was in April 2002, back before the term “blog” was even coined. It was an introduction post to myself on for an item named “My Journal.” I can’t believe that was so long ago.

* What inspired you to start blogging?
I used to keep a written journal when I was younger mainly because everyone was doing it. This meant that moving on to the internet version was rather easy. The main idea behind it though, was I needed a place to vent, to record what happened and most importantly, random ramblings and notes.

* Are there any specific purposes to blog?
Right now? Not really. It’s to take note of the random things that happen in my life, and funnily enough, to let my friends know what’s going on in my life.

2) Difficulties faced when blogging :

* Are you able to express yourself fully without consequences?
Not quite. There have been times when I blog about stuff that affects me directly, and have faced pressure because of it. One of them led to the breakup between me and my boyfriend, something that I regret greatly. That’s the reason why I keep quite a few blogs; I’d rather a stranger come in and comment and give a fresh perspective than put it on a blog my friends can see, comment, and sometimes… harrass me. Or at the very least people who know me.

* What are your concerns when you blog?
That I might be hauled up under the ISA. XD, No, serious. Mainly pressure now. I crack easily under it, and though I may resist it as much as I can in the beginning, all it might take is one right comment at the right time for me to do something i regret. GWARGH INSTINCTS. /Random

3) How has blogging influenced your life?

* Is it a top priority in your list? Or have nothing changed at all?
Not really. Stalking my friends’ blogs, now THAT’s a priority. ^_^

* How does people around you (friends and family) react to your blog?
As mentioned above, it’s sometimes by pressure, especially when a few of them think that I might be doing something stupid, but at the same time I know it’s only because they care. I make sure there aren’t any links linking me back from my RL persona to my family, as I don’t want them reading my blog, especially my parents. Let’s just say I’d like to stay alive a little longer.

4) What do you think of the Malaysian blogging community?

* Do you know any bloggers other than the people close to you, i.e. family, friends, colleagues etc?
Um… Duh? A number of my friends keep blogs, though the majority are not among the main noisemakers in Bolehland. Most of us aren’t.

* Are you part of any blogging groups/community such as Project Petaling Street?

And that’s the end of it, folks.

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