One of the most irritating customers we’ve had is leaving us. I think this is one of the VERY rare (if ever) times that the whole CS/TS dept would LOVE to see him go. ^_^

Edit: And here comes a customer that makes me wish I was a profession assassin instead of a fantasy writer. Damnit… which part of YOU HAVE BROKEN YOUR CONTRACT DID YOU NOT GET?

Mood: Fuming.

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  • ah…
    first, u gotta kill someone.

    then, find a doc who can shine ur eyes fer ten menthol~cools…{{wink}}

  • LOL. I wish.

    I’m not a Furyan you know. ^_^

  • Wow! I’m amazed at how silly we humans keep getting.
    Which part didn’t he/she understand? Obviously, the part he/she didn’t like, self-centred arrogant *expletive I shall not mention for the sake of decency* 😛

  • Basically, he signed up, never paid, and now wants to skip paying the full penalty, even though we’ve already waived part of the fee.

  • oh, to be invincible AND psychotic…lol

  • Sounds like a regular day @MPH, right sol? Especially with psychotic customers who INSIST we refund them for a book THEY damaged. -_-“