Ok, I’ll admit I’m Malaysian enough to enjoy a good sale. Today was one of those days.

I love the waerhouse sales by DietHelm as they tend to sell branded goods that I really enjoy at a discounted price (anyone who’s shopped with me knows that I’m not really into all these branded stuff). So, today’s sale had several big names. I came away with this loot:

– Berri’s Orange Juice (I have no idea whether they’re really good)
– 3 packs of Oreos at RM 4 altogether instead of RM2 per pack
– 2 jars of chocolate spread at RM9 (total)
– Mon Cheri chocs @RM5

Now I’ll sleep as I puked after dinner just now and am feeling really tired. I just hope it was the chicken sauce I threw up just now and not blood. On another note, my cousin gave me a working FM modulator (so I’m now able to listen to my MP3 player in the car- YAY) and I need to cut my hair as it’s getting too long, heavy, and giving me migraines. -_-”