I went for an interview with LKW (old college) today about a writing job. I should have just skipped the interview and head straight out for lunch with kor kor and Onii-chan instead.

Ok, so two days ago I receive a call from someone asking me whether I was interested in a writing job for college. I figured why not, and asked him for some details and he requested likewise for mine, and suddenly, on Friday evening, I was called for a meeting with Tan Sri himself. It was at that point that I started getting a hint that they were looking for permanent staff, but I thought why not give it a chance anyway?

So I got Onii-chan to come along and we both headed merrily to LKW. We were early, but it was only sometime later after the appointed time that Zam (the lecturer we were to meet) finally showed up, and then it was another 10-15 minutes of waiting, and she asked us some questions based on the summary that the guy who called us up had prepared for her.

Mine read: Able to start immediately.

I was like, WTF? I remember SPECIFICALLY telling him that I was only interested in part-time work as I have no intentions of leaving my current company. Corrected Zam and then we went off to see Tan Sri. That was another eternity of waiting.

At this point I have to point out that I never felt both so inspired and yet insipid. The room where we were waiting had the feel of it being able to double up as a sacrificial or dark ritual of some sort. The room screamed “DEAD” to me. It didn’t feel like it would promote life or anything, but would rather drain it out. The flowers were dried flowers that had no scent. In front of us and in the center of the room stood a low wooden table. A chalice or goblet of some sort stood in the center, holding sweets, but for a moment when I looked at it, it felt like the chalice would rather gather blood instead. I wondered whether it was my instincts or time being spent with mum over her Feng Shui, but I thought no wonder people don’t like him… The room’s full of dead aura.

Thinking about that, I started to worry about the meeting with Tan Sri.

A few more minutes of silence and then we were ushered into his office. This room was bigger than the last, but it was no a bit warmer, yet at the same time, more distant. I felt like walking into a throne room of sort, where we were going to listen to a king speak or something. And it was very obvious that he had very specific ideas in mind that he didn’t really care what others were saying.

I think Tan Sri did not specify what he really wanted except that he wanted writers when his staff was briefed. When he said that all he wanted were fulltimers, I never felt more relieved and eager to get out of it. I was on the verge of leaving, thinking, “Thank God I have an excuse not to work,” and if anyone asks I would also say, “I have a contract I intend to fulfil, kthxbai.” Yes, those words exactly. I didn’t say them but I was thinking of it.

It wasn’t long before we left him, and I felt a lil puffed up that my thoughts had been right (lemme ego for a bit, ok? :p). I’d promised Andrew that I’d take him home and I had a lunch date with Kor Kor, so I joined Onii-chan at the cafeteria and we both had some drinks and yakked away. After Andrew joined us, we whiled time away more as Kor Kor was not done yet, plus there was a refreshing breeze in the cafeteria once the fans were turned off.

When he confirmed that he was done, we took a slow drive there and picked kor kor up. Nearly didn’t recognize him at first, he came out with the same fisherman’s hat that Leo always came out with. But it looked totally different and yet cute at the same time on him. ^_^ My kor kor very cute, paired up with Aiko mui mui even cuter. *Is thwapped* Oops. Back to story. :p

We headed towards Johnny’s for lunch and basically had steamboat with some really interesting noodles. For some reason, the waiters always got Onii-chan’s orders mixed up. He got different plain water from us (we had pandan tinted and scented water) and his noodles were also different. *Ebil smile*

The steamboat was a rather funny affair. In some ways, it felt like I was taking over mom’s job. I’ve learnt during steamboats that you dump in food, take them out, dump in more food, then close and eat while waiting the second round to cook. I didn’t quite get to do so, but it was fun making sure that we had enough food and making kor kor eat. He needs more meat on his bones and NOT to starve for 4 days! *Ish angry at the thought*

After that, we dragged him to Carrefour and bought him groceries. Because he doesn’t have a fridge, we focused on processed foods, unfortunately. There was a packet of Milo, HUGE packet of instant noodles, eggs, milk (one bottle of strawberry milk for his dinner), bread, biscuits and potato bread (I think that was it). I just hope he remembers to eat.

Then I dropped the boys off and came home, and slept.

Ah… sleep.