Originally (according to my onii-chan Phil), it was a festival of the Dead, but now it’s been transformed to this sort of family reunion/summer/picnic kind of festival.

Or that’s what you would have thought so if you had been there yesterday.

Yesterday was one of the best times I’ve had, ever. It was GREAT to spend time with my family (PHIL, YOU ARE INCLUDED, SHUT UP).

So, what did I do?

In the morning, packed things for granma’s place, then headed to pick Leo up. His mom treats me very nicely. ^_^ We got into the car, went off to pick Onii-chan Phil up, then Derururu (YOU MUST BE HANI-SEMPAI, WOMAN!), and finally Ren. Who, afraid that he was late, decided to run.

Run Ren Run!

*Giggles* Yes, I know he looks silly. Still… He’s one of my favourite brothers! *Picture was taken by Leo*

So we then went off to lunch at KFC, then we waited for Shaun and Aoi to follow, and then the ROADTRIP BEGAN! Because we left EXTREMELY early (the gates opened at 5.30 and we were there about 3.40, 4pm?), we decided to kill time by doing the best thing we could. LEPAK (meaning loitering in direct translation and hanging out in proper English).

Yes, that’s Deru. Yes, she’s a girl. Yes, she’s genki (energetic). Yes, she’s in the family tree. No, she’s not my daughter. She’s my niece. Yes, I took the picture from Leo again. Only reason being he’s the only one who’s uploaded the pics of that time about now *Sidelong glance to Phil*.


And yes, that’s me and my other onii-chan, Shaun, whom I’ve known since primary school. The guy at the far right’s our nephew, Ryu. ^_^

Weird stuff on head!

Here’s me being silly.


Random Group pic!


Here’s a partial shot of CF dad (standing), Phil (red shirt) and Ryu. ^_^

So in the end we all went in… and LET THE CAMWHORING BEGIN!

Aiko mui mui and me... SO

Aiko mui mui and me… SO CUTE!!!

Aiko and Shun

Aiko Mui mui and Shun Kor Kor together. Awww….


Kor Kor, Mui Mui, and Niece Onigiri. Kawaii ne?

Onini and Ruka

Then there’s the Riceball of Doom and her companion Chawan Mushi. Wait.. I mean Onigiri and Ruka. ^_^

Followed by...

Followed by Lee and Renren with Onini.