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So what if Siti Nurhaliza’s getting married? Why is everyone so hung up over it?

*Does NOT like gossips*

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  • Just the fact that she’s marrying someone alot older (something like she’s 28 and he’s like 35 something) and has a kid already …

  • Bleh. Seriously… why can’t they leave the girl alone?

  • This is so off the plane, but Darren Hayes is gay! O_o

  • P is wrong. Datuk K is 20 years older than Siti, and has more than one children.

    Never liked gossip, but being in the media industry for over a year now, I’ve come to learn that they make great fodder for a LOT of magazines, blogs, websites and newspapers!

    Thankfully, I’ve yet to sell my soul to the devil of gossips!

  • Same here!

    Weirdest thing is, I used to be really in with gossip (as in reading them voraciously), now I’m just BLEH.