Morning Dreams

Had one of the weirdest dreams just before I woke up today. And this is one of those dreams I take seriously because there’s a very real and different quality to them that I rarely experience in my dreams. It’s not the first time… but I doubt it will be the last. How many dreams do you wake up in cold sweat, or with a fast-beating heart, or with a sense that more is to come?

The dream started out with me being a guest of some sort in a Kingdom (First parts of the dream’s vague as I can’t remember much of it). Either that or I was an extremely important person; I was learning magic or some skills to protect others when I (or someone else) had a vision of being under attack. And I knew who it was right away, but no one listened to me. There was a surreal quality when the dream switched to show me what was happening outside; they had been overrun.

Someone came in to warn the Princess (Queen?) of the attack and she was ushered into a safe room on the LEFT side of the throne room. We then got busy barricading the doors (closing most in time) until we suddenly saw people running helter skelter. Only these soldiers weren’t adults; they were children running around looking as though they were having a blast, but they were still running away.

And there was a light shining from the stairs and I bent down instinctively, careful not to let the outside people catch even a glimpse of my hair on my head. I was scared, but at the same time calm, if for no other reason than that I KNEW this was a dream. I told them to find shelter and someone, pointing to the right side of the room, Isn’t that the Storeroom?

I ran into that room and straight into something that looked like it came out of a warehouse. I kept running down the long ramps, and floor 6 was the floor where they had a bunch of flowers (you know, like how royal and noble houses like to keep stock of everything?) I remember knowing that he was behind me and I was one of his targets; I bent down and hid in the flowers when I felt he was near. When he’d went away, I decided that now was the time to cheat, and I used a teleportation spell to jump.

At the point I cheated, I didn’t feel like I was a direct particpator anymore. I felt like I was looking out on something that happened a long time ago; or at the very least; something that was in the past. I remember meeting up with some people near the exit of the storeroom, and us holding hands, chanting something, and then poofing. And then I saw Earth, which made me wonder if we had transported there.

The Hunter was pissed, but we were fine.

As to what happened to the Queen? I have this feeling that she WANTED me to go, for my own safety.

And the friends in my dream? Not people I know in real life… but the characters from my stories.


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  1. Wow, well you aren’t the only one who’s had dreams like that. I’m a writer too, just so you know, ^_^ that was interesting. . .? Well bye?

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