Not too weird

At least for my current dream at least. It brought me more amusement than anything else.

I was trying to change money and I went to this shop somewhere in KL (Near a Maybank tower that was NOT Dayabumi- the only recognizable Maybank Tower in KL) and I was carrying along this fairly easy to carry but very troublesome blue table. The table had been bought by my dad for some reason or another, but I recognized it as one of the tables we used when I was in secondary school (Shaun, you should know the tables). I felt a little guilty for selling it, but I reasoned that I needed to lose the weight.

I was rejected when I tried to sell the table. They said that it was worthless. Looking at the table, I reasoned that all it really needed was some new paint and people would buy it, thinking of the tables in school. This all happened after I’d gotten my money changed… Which was another adventure in itself.

Now I sleep. I wonder if I will have more dreams tonight that I will remember tomorrow.