I bought some DVD and CD games over the past few weeks but did not get the time to install them. There was also a slight phobia as my two previous attempts to install Fable: The Lost Chapters had been a spectacular failure (they kept saying that they could not find a required file), and I couldn’t play that. Before that, it was another DVD game; Dungeon Seige (which I have yet to install after getting the new DVD).

So it was a bit of trepediation when I installed Children of the Nile yesterday (seeing a pattern in the games I play?) and it told me that although it could detect my DirectX, when I told it to install the new versions anyway, it couldn’t find the file. The game was installed, but I dreaded touching it as I couldn’t bear to face the disappointment.

I decided to open the computer today and just see if it could be played (having copied the crack over after installation last night).


I’m so happy. Will be going home to play a good sim game after this. ^_^