Challenge by my Onii-chan Phil. Does this count, cause I used poetry?

It was a long birth.

The woman let out a long sigh when it was done. Only the cries of the babe remained, and that too, was hushed softly as the babe was laid at the mother’s breast. Outside, the moon shone softly, let in through the open side door. They laid her onto the bed, resting her back against the wall. Soon, they left her alone with only one nurse, who sat in front of the fireplace, tending the fire with an almost obsessive but gentle care.

Two shadows fell across the light of the moon from the door, and the mother looked up. A five year old male child and a three year old female looked in, both curious. Smiling, she nodded to her child, and the female child toddled in happily, squealing softly but was hushed by the nurse, who looked disapproving.

The children looked at the baby seriously and the baby gurgled, as though knowing that they were there. There was a brush of wind against the mother’s cheek and she watched a goddess gently tying a string around each of the children’s wrists from the babe’s own thread.

Softly the goddess began singing…

Three Keys separate from the Rest
Three Keys separate from each other
Three Keys to unlock Others’ door
Three Keys undo the locks

Three Keys to Seal Him Away
Three Keys to undo the Threads
Three Keys on the side of One
Three Keys on the Other Side

Three Keys of Hidden Blood
Three Keys of Contemplation
Three Keys to Arts
Three Keys to Magic

Four Keys in between
Four Locks without
Four Keys to swing the Balance
Four Locks to restore the Balance

Three Keys to make the Universe
Four Keys to Rebuild it
Four Locks to Destroy
Three Keys to end it all.

The mother was horrified, but the Goddess leant down to her ear to whisper silently. “All hope is not lost, all darkness is not dispelled, all light is not snuffed,” she sang, and then she was gone.

Leaving a bewildered mother and three sleeping children.

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