Some customers can be such idiots.

Had a case today where cust was disputing the immediate term. Ok, he screamed at us via email to term his acc, and so we did. The main reason why he did that was because he said that his acc was to have been term 2 yrs ago. Ok, we may have overlooked it, so we term it.

Our system is such that we don’t give out our personal emails, especially for customer service since if the cust sends us emails when we’re away, they might call and complain as to why we did not reply to their emails (happened several times when the said staff went on vacations). Of course, the same thing with the hotlines.

A colleague of mine had requested for an email to be sent to the customer confirming that the customer’s account has been terminated. Me not reading the logs properly (ok, this one I admit was my fault) had told the said idiot that the email was sent out by the actual author of the email and not the person being represented (first colleague). I later told the customer that it had been sent out under Veni’s name and that my colleague doing the emails does NOT have anything to do with this.

Customer comes back, says he never got the email, so we sent it TWICE again. Now he says that we’re not on the same page, and requests that we give him our company’s telephone logs and feedback form that he submitted and is also adding that he had requested for a statement of accounts. We can’t release the phone logs as those are covered under the company policy, but we’ve never received the request about the statement of accounts.

And he wants us to go into our colleague (the one who drafted the emails) to CONFIRM that the email had been sent to him. I’m like, “WTF?”