And being the insane little person I am, I’m staying up as long as I can to support these people (AND try to finish some work up, which doesn’t look like it might happen).

First post I’d like to answer is John’s, who posted this at Yvonne’s blog.

Why do I write?

One, it’s because I love writing. I love seeing worlds come to life.

Two, because I love playing with words. To me, there is possibly no other profession that gives me as much joy and pleasure as writing.

Three, and perhaps the most important of all… Because there’s a story inside of me that’s waiting to come out. There’s are these people who REFUSE to let me live my life without bringin me into their own part of the Universe.

Everyday, I converse with them.

Everyday, something new comes up, and we end up talking about the History of the World they grew up with.

By now… I know who are the main characters, the ones whose stories have been unfolding. They’re fluid for one thing, but I know who’s who, who does what, why they’re there… I’ve got the background story, it’s just the present that needs to be flushed out.

And hey, it’s a relatively fun trip. After all, I may be insane, but insanity’s best shared with friends, right?