Guilty Beauty Love

First my brain was asking for Hani-sempai (from Ouran Koukou Hostess Club) and now it’s asking for Guilty Beauty Love, which I thought was an apporpriate song title for Tamaki (considering his very very corniness that makes us all love him)… Then I read the translation and I grinned. Talk about corn!

Le Original (taken from

tsumi wa kami ga boku wo utsukushiku tsukutta koto
kimi no hitomi ni utsutta boku ga ikenai no sa
batsu wa boku ga ai ni mitasare sugiteru koto
soredemo boku wa kimi wo aishite shimau darou?

tobira hiraki fumidashite yume no sekai e irasshaimase
kimi wo ESUKOOTO hizamazuki te to kuchizuke
hajirau megami sae furimuita LUCKY GUY
tsukareta kokoro iyasu kara

tsumi wa boku ga fureru mono subete koi ni ochite
HAATO ubawareta kimi wa zenzen warukunai sa
batsu wa boku ga ai wo mugenndai sasageru koto
soredemo kimi wa boku ni hikarete shimaudarou

yoru ni ukabu tsuki ga boku dakiyose moeru kimi wa taiyou
futari meguriai mabushi sugi kage wa dekinai
jyounetsu no hanataba wo okuttara CUTIE LADY
koko de wa kimi wa itsudemo HIROIIN

tsumi wa kami ga boku ni kono kuchibiru kureta koto
kimi wo yume e to sasotta boku ga ikenai no sa
batsu wa boku ni ai ga furisosogi sugiru koto
soredemo kimi wa boku ni hikarete shimau darou?

The Translation (Let the laughter ensue! Taken from here)

God’s crime was to make someone as beautiful as I
I can see the reflection of me in your eyes and it’s no good
My divine punishment is that the love I give will make your heart burst
Nevertheless I am in love with you so I should probably stop this…

Open the door and the dream world welcomes you
I’ll kneel and kiss your hand, and escort you
A shy goddess only needs to turn around and find LUCKY GUY
Don’t get tired of love’s healing ways but…

When I touch you, all the love i possess slips out, it’s sin
To snatch all of your heart is not wrong at all
I only obey this infinite love, that is my curse
Nevertheless, when you and I touched, that i should probably stop this ..

In the night, I’m like the moon, and always float towards you to embrace you, my burning sun
We’ll circle the earth, and radiate love even though it’s forbidden
I’ll give you this loving bouquet, cutie lady
Here is where you’re always the heroine

God’s crime is that these lips can you this sweet kiss
As you dream and call out for me to do no wrong
It’s still my curse that I love, even if like a rainfall I flood your heart
Nevertheless, you and I are so captivated… so I should probably put an end to this…

23 thoughts on “Guilty Beauty Love”

  1. i found this very amusing; i didn’t think it’d be an egotistical song. now that i think about it, it makes sense and fits very well with tamaki’s character

  2. This song certainly fits Tama-chan!! Demo… I haven’t heard this song air in Ouran. Can anyone tell me when? 😀

    Long live the Host Club King!!

  3. omfg!! I knew he listened to renge’s atvice with the ‘lonley prince’ crap, but this is to much!! it’s so ‘I’m so beautifull that I’m bad for my inviorment’ like xD

  4. wowwww , i heard the song , it is so cool ..
    i love tamaki he is my favourite( i wish if he was real:( !! ,,, creepy!)
    any way,,,
    i like Miyano Mamoru , his voice is so pure and it fits tamaki perfectly, i cant imagin any voice actor doing tamaki but him..

  5. The song is awesome, i just love it, Miyano’s voice fits it perfectly! ^_^
    I thought the lyrics were waaay more direct and romantic, but well, Tamaki is the one singing the song XD

    You girls wish Tamaki was your man! Well I wish Tamaki was my brother XDDDDD
    I adore TamaHaru shipping ^w^

    ehmmm… i’m a gir btwl XD

  6. I didn’t know the song was about Tamaki like that.. i heard the song a couple of times and i just thought it was him singing a nice song… But Tamaki being Tamaki it had to be about him. Hehe I love Tamaki.

    Tamaki Fangirl!!

  7. OMG I never thought Tamaki would have a really strong voice. Its so Awesome. Of course Tamaki’s song is about him Lol ^-^

  8. I love this song so much…it just makes it funnier that I always imagine Raitou from death Note singing this instead as him and Tamaki have the same voice actor!! XD

  9. Wow…this is so VERY…Tamaki-like-song. This is totally made for Tamaki huh? Haha! Great! (^-^)


  10. Mmm… interesting, seeing as in a way it’s also Yagami Light from Death Note singing it, as he and Tamaki have the same voice actor…

  11. 🙂 heheh i heard the song and thought wow Tamaki can sing <3 ( well his VA can) looking and the lyrics now i’m just in hysterics it fits him sooo well.

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